Have to agree, its one thing to be born overseas & have not done what you should have to ensure you are no longer a citizen but if you were born in Australia that should be the only requirement to be considered 100% an Australian citizen until such time as you request otherwise. I always understood your parents ancestry may help if you were trying to get a visa but has anyone here discovered they were automatically a citizen of another country like this before?



Agree that it’s bullwhip but will be interesting to follow


Abbott was born in England wasn’t he? Yeah that works.


Because Democracy. you dont seem to quite grasp it. You even said you hate democracy.

This might help you:


Ah. The old “gay folk can’t get married because democracy”.

How does that work in that bastion of communism, the USA?


I assume you’re being sarcastic, because the USA is really good at ensuring certain people can’t/won’t vote (or their vote is discounted due to it being overtly gerrymandered).


Yeah, SSM could never come from democracy. Just shut up about it and keep everything the same as it always was, just like democracy intended.


Australia, like many other countries, provides for citizenship by descent - in Australia, if one parent is an Australian citizen ( some countries go back to grandparents) . Some are automatic or semi-automatic.
In Australia, It requires a process to establish the facts, after which you get a citizenship document. It makes it easier to get a passport, security clearance, Medicare card etc, but I doubt that not going through the process means that you are not an Australian citizen.
The previous High Court cases dealt with naturalised foreign born citizens. This time the High Court will be dealing with three different scenarios: foreign born Australian citizens ( Ludlam and Waters); naturalised ( ( Roberts) and four by descent ( Joyce, Nash, Canavan and Xenophon)
The High Court hearing on Thursday is a Directions Hearing which will establish procedures and timetable. Brandis has said that he does not expect the first substantive hearing before October.


They will so rule foreign born can’t, everyone else is sweeet


It’s not that it wont, it is that it should, for the sake of all concerned.


Democracy again rears its ugly head.

Your comment just goes to prove my point about letting the majority decide anything for the minority.

Just how is it democratic to curtail the civil rights of one particular group.


Because it is democracy. Thats is the social contract we entered into.
We all value autonomy, but everyone doing there individual thing with out governance is chaos…
In our wisdom we chose Democracy as governance.
In your view you think a bunch of elites should arbitrarily decide what civil rights are and who gets them… Who asked the people if that was ok?
or perhaps we forgo Democracy and head into Anarchy hoping for a new system from the ashes… which still has no guarantee of SSM.


Which would save Barney and the deputy of the Nationals. Everyone else named so far is still up ■■■■ creek though. Including the government’s majority. Heck, the business ownership thing already has the majority under threat alone and if that the only thing that gets upheld then the government will need to start kissing independent ■■■■. That’s not something the electorate like from governments going by what happened last time around.

Edit: Mr X was born in Australia too.


What a perverse argument. It is democratic to curtail the rights of others !

Under this logic then it is ok to stop coloured folks from using the same schools as us white dudes, as it is democratic.


Starkie and McGowan will continue to guarantee supply and Wilkie would be unlikely likely to block supply except for something outrageous . They have generally abstained in votes of no confidence.
If Barnaby goes he would probably get re- elected at a by- election. In the interim, no doubt Katter will get some sweeteners and Wilkie might extract the odd concession. The government might be a bit more conciliatory to the crossbench in the Reps, but deals are being done in the Senate all the time.
The Greens are the hardest hit as they have lost two of their best operators (while running interference from that NSW Senator and NSW Greens ) and would be replaced by the next on the list without any Parliamentary experience. It is a big weight for Di Natale to carry, not least in Senate Committees.


Not sarcastic as such, and what you say above is spot on. But we all know that 'Murica is the home of the free, generously spreading democracy wherever it lands its troops.

It’s a comment on the idea that democracy=no gay marriage. I believe teh gheyz can marry there?


bigallan, our justice system is adversarial. Obviously the govt’s lawyers will be arguing to let their pollies (at least) stay on.

Who - if anyone - will be arguing the case for the opposite side?




I’m sorry little girl, I thought you was corn.


Bit of confusion between democracy and mob rule it seems.