Mythbusters polished a turd.


On your first assertion you are factually incorrect.

Your second, possibly correct.

Your third, absolutely correct.


You know better to argue with zealots, and not sure there is even any of your evil fun in debating an idiot.


Qld calling a snap election.

■■■■■■ either way. AP is a sell out to adani and the libs will probably get it through even easier than her.


Yep, pretty much sums it up ben. Qld ALP completely gutless


They are more than gutless, they have no principles


So the Premier puts it all to a vote of the people and you call her gutless and unprincipled.

I would call it brave and democratic.


Hasn’t all the stuff been approved anyway? What’s so brave about putting it to the public?

It’s the financing that’s delaying the start.


The support for Adani is gutless, not the decision to call an election. They have to call an election sometime, so what’s brave about it? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure the decision to call it now rather than later is based on comparative calculations on the chances of winning. No principles, correct. If they had A) principles and B) guts, they would call the project out for what it is and dump it. Instead they talk up jobs in the north, which they must know is disingenuous, in a bid to hold on to power. Most Australians don’t want this mine and I’d dare say that includes most Queenslanders. Having said that, I don’t want to see an LNP government either.


Also, one MP has moved to the crossbench and another is ill, so they want to retrieve an actual majority, given that’s a, like, useful thing when it comes to holding government.


There is no decision BF. We don’t want the mine, we sure as ■■■■ don’t want our taxes handed over to them to do it and we don’t have a voting option to reflect that, and the party which should be reflecting those views is balls deep in it.

Every single independent assessment on the mine has shown it will only create 1500 jobs and 1/3rd of them will be automated within 10 years and they continue to sell the lie that it’s the key to jobs and prosperity for Queensland when everyone sees it as a lie and a joke, and a ■■■■■■■ expensive one.

That’s what I call lacking principals




So benno she has done the principled thing and it goes to the people. I suppose she could have held a farking survey.

In any case, if Labor get returned, will they see it as a go-ahead for Adani and if LibNats win then it will happen. So your only hope is Labor.

As I understand Labor will not give Adani any funds or tax breaks, the Feds will do that.


We need her to say no so what the feds say is irrelevant, she won’t though because she has a cushy job lined up post politics when the mine goes ahead.

What we actually need is labor down south to put pressure on the QLD labor party about what her principals should be not more of this IS LABOR IS GOOD ■■■■. She’s not reflecting the parties values, call her out. ■■■■


From our cosy cottage here in my little valley down south, Adani is of little importance to me. I do not share your views on coal mines, but concede that as a corporation Adani seem a bit shonky. No different to most miners but shonky. I do know as they are a major part of my customer base.

The question is about good government and our nation is not blessed with much of that. Here in Victoria, we have a higher degree of competence and a Premier of strength and integrity. Though even some of their work can be bewildering. All Governments have little appetite to battle the mining industry, which I would nationalise.

Coal mines are not illegal, and until enough renewable energy generation is developed we still need to burn fossil fuels, and again with the lack of Federal Government initiative in renewables, coal will be needed for another 50 years. So given that, I do not oppose the Carmichael Basin mine if it meets all environmental requirements, pays it workers award or better, pays all taxes in Australia and receives no funding from any tax payer source.

As I understand, Federal Labor is not supportive of Adani, but of course there is strong support from key unions such as the AWU and CFMEU, and strong opposition from groups inside Labor like LEAN. I am not sure what Labor values you think ADANI offends, in fact, our principles support resource development and job creation.

Your Premier has put the question to the people and she will live or die by a democratic vote. So your vote is a two edged sword, as a vote for Labor will give you a better option in many ways than the LNP, but could be taken as a vote for ADANI. A vote for LNP ensures ADANI and another dose of previous destructive conservative policy from the past Premiers acolyte.

But love it or hate it benfti that is democracy.

If your Premier has a post election job lined up as you suggest, then it is disappointing, but there is no real evidence of this and just unwarranted speculation by your side to cloud the real issue. The Greens and the Environmental movement have a poor strategic approach, as the apoplectic ranting and unsubstantiated claims turn many off. I have this same issue within the ALP with LEAN who use scare tactics to graphically show the end of the World with rising seas and wild weather events. My advice to them, which they surprisingly seem to have taken is to offer practical suggestions on what all of us can do at grassroots level to improve our carbon footprint.

The hysteria strategy just gives the conservatives more ammunition to continue their profit motives programs.

In any case, I live in my cosy cocoon, with panels on the roof, and a wind turbine going up at my office in the next few weeks. I have just purchased a trendy hybrid car, nearly bought a Tesla but it was a cost too high and diligently seperate all my waste accordingly.

The truth is that I will be long dead before the sea laps at my cottage door and ADANI will never go ahead for economic reasons.


I don’t think she has put it to the people at all. It wasn’t much of an issue when she got in on the back of anti-Newman sentiment, and now it’s all approved. Voters have nowhere to go aside from the Greens and, understandably, many won’t go there.
I’m not suggesting that the LP should reject all mining, but that projects should be assessed on their merits. There is evidently much that is wrong about this one.
I have actually wondered in the past if Labor could possibly be calling everyone’s bluff, playing along to appease the north et al but knowing that it won’t go ahead anyway (as you say). I doubt that is the case though.


It’s getting $1 billion interest free loan for a railway, it’s got unlimited access to water in the Great Artesian Basin & it’s self reporting on it’s water usage. I wish I could self report on my water usage, I’m sure I would be surviving on 1 litre per day! An of course we have so much water to spare in this region, it’s a green, lush paradise all year round

And if you had seen the 4 Corners program in Adani, you would see that it’s raped, pillaged & plundered it’s own country, pays SFA taxes, thanks to the Cayman Islands etc & is not even in the same post code as a good corporate citizen.

Any true Labor man would normally be up in arms about this whole deal


That’s a depressing read.


But… 10,000 jobs! Well, maybe a couple of thousand. It’s all worth it.


Of the 1,500 jobs, we’ll see about 70 go to Queenslanders and the rest offshore. They’ll destroy good agricultural land, the Great Artesian Basin, the Barrier Reef, they’ll pocket the billion in the Caymans and never pay a rupee in tax.

And both major parties stand condemned.