So that makes Alan Jones and Andrew Bolt who are against the Adani mine. Is there anyone left who isn’t on the take who likes this idea?


Couldn’t be. There’s not a human on Earth that would willingly engage in that kind of activity with B Joyce.




Nothing to do with any snobbery at all. Lots of great people in Qld like @benfti and many other ex-Victorians


The key word perhaps Diggers is willingly.

Gossip is strong that after a few drinks in the office he followed his youngest staff member into the ladies toilet looking for an “embrace”

It is also strongly rumoured that he was servicing another older staffer but Mrs Barnaby was informed and he was nearly de-peckered. If there is any truth in this something will release all the details before by-election day.

It is neatly always the most pious who cannot keep the zippered closed, though I could tell some legendary tales about Hawkie and he was hardly pious.


It was tongue in cheek. I am Victorian after all, though perhaps not ‘great’ :wink:


So, another LNP senator bites the dust. I get the feeling they’re going to keep falling off their perches. Some more MPs will be interesting. More to come…


Well, that sucks, he was a very good President.

Anyone “discovering” in the past week is pretty suss, though.




Parry. President of the senate. Dual UK citizen.


Have heard that many are now too scared to check. Once you know you’re honor bound.


Senator Parry, Tas Liberal (former undertaker). Reportedly he got his position on the Senate Ticket due to intervention by Abetx. The Nats must be having a laugh.


Interesting thing is that the next two on the Lib ticket (including one sidelined by Abetz) may now not be eligible as they have positions paid by the Crown. So the replacement (if necessary) may come from another party.


That IS interesting.


It may depend on whether they held an office for profit under the Crown at the time of nominating for the Senate.
As I understand it Hughes (NSW) and the next in line Tasmanian both got their appointments afterwards.
The Tasmanian recount could take time because of the high number of under the line votes there ( that’s how Lisa Singh got her seat)


I’m not holding out hope that Joyce gets dumped but I’m hoping for a big swing against him. Any more of their MPs or senators get caught up in this and it would have to go down as the worst term in memory. Pressure will be in for an early election unless a by-election or two tips it in the mean time. I’m betting next December which would line up badly for the LNP.


How many of them are desperately erasing their Wikipedia histories I wonder.


It would be funny if a bunch of people moved temporarily into Barnaby’s electorate just to vote him out. I’d seriously consider doing that :slight_smile:


What’s the cutoff for changing enrollment? I get the feeling that would get some press. “Labor election conspiracy. Investigation underway.”

Meanwhile, banks are fine, Adani fine, water theft fine.


Or even Manus Island.