Might be time for Cosgrove to wake from his slumber and do something about this.

We have now seen numerous ministers and now the President of the Senate caught up in this Citizenship racket.

Time to make the call Pete. Call the PM in and dissolve the Parliament.


You really think a GG would step in again?

There is already enough constitutional turmoil with section 44, last thing we need is for the GG to step in and muddy the waters further.


Doesn’t have the power under constitution


So, theoretically the government could keep losing MPs to by-elections and all the Katters, PHONs NXTs and whatnot could just offer supply without the need for an election?


The whole thing like SSM is a farce - Australian’s love to waste money because of stupid laws or politician’s inability to make a decision.


Yep, everyone is so very loving this voluntary postal survey costing over $100m, spreading toxic debate across the country for months and dividing people. We are loving it over here!


Turns out it wasn’t just Australians making the decisions.


Haha, Tim Storer, the unsuccessful Xenophon Senate candidate at the last elections, has now nominated himself for the Xenophon vacant seat.
A joint sitting of the SA Parliament will need to decide whether he or X’s nominee Patrick should take the vacancy.
The Constitution requires that the seat be filled from the same party, but X is muttering that it means the party nominee . This might expose how the X party takes its decisions.


Governing in our best interests.


This government lurches from one crisis to another. Turnbull is looking more like Billy McMahon every day.


I enjoyed Malcom’s comments on a citizenship/nationality audit of all federal MPs. It would cost to much was the point he made.

yeah good job ■■■■■■■■, just spend 120 mil on a useless survey.


Fer shizzle. Is there any answer he can give about anything that doesn’t ring hollow or contrived now?




Turnbull’s best bet now is to rise up against the right of the LNP and tell them all to make love in a distant place.

It’d probably get him the lemonade and sars but he’d at least have a chance of leaving politics with at least a modicum of honour and achievement.

PS I’m not confident of it happening. He hasn’t been as big a disappointment as PM as Malcolm Fraser but running him close.

Note that ‘disappointment’ means that we hoped for good things but didn’t get them, therefore Rudd and Abbott are excluded. I thought they were both douche-bags from the off.


I am really over the whole drama with section 44 and eligibility of MPs.

You would think by now all MPs would have checked and know their status, but it seems some are still holding out?

I suggest Parliament enact legislation to impose a two year jail term on any MP found to be at odds with Section 44 after January 1, 2018. Gives them two more months to fess up and resign.

Do the ■■■■■■ audit and let’s move on.


I like how the line “I’m sure everyone has done their background check so everything is fine” keeps getting trotted out.


Maybe they should call in the AFP and charge anyone who is still infringing with fraud. No-one seems to take it that seriously, and for this latest idiot to know weeks ago and still sit in Parliament and take his pay is fraud.

And even in Frydenberg’s case, if he suspects he is infringing the constitution at all, he should stand down.


Removed the superfluous words.


Pretty rough if your granny gets persecuted by the Nazis, gets declared stateless, enters the country with a declaration of being stateless and then someone says Hungary wants to claim her kids.

I’m a lot more concerned with Sam Dastyari with his Chinese connections, with political donations, particularly foreign donations and with pollies becoming lobbyists in areas they previously had an influence over.

Note that I’m not a fan of Frydenberg at all and his pronouncements on energy issues give me the tom ■■■■.

In my opinion, you should either be born into citizenship or seek to acquire that citizenship through descent to breach the law. The constitution was written before all these other laws like the NZ laws and we shouldn’t need a referendum to sort it out.

Might also be handy if any party forced a stat dec from a candidate saying they’ve checked their status, with a chrcklist of things to tick off. We’re not going to get a referendum passed to change the constitution.


Candidates (party or otherwise) already sign a stat dec saying they’re eligible. Some were just lying/clueless.