Labor Party does that, and I have seen the check list, it is comphensive. I am told that no Labor are suspect, but you never know.

In my view, it doesn’t matter if Section 44 is archaic , it is law and as we have to obey, so do farking MPs. If they do a referendum, I reckon there is no chance it would get up.


Absolutely, it’s law. To the letter. Until it’s about the LNP. Then it’s not fair and they didn’t mean it.


I do agree that it’s law.

My point would have been that when the constitution was written, countries weren’t conferring citizenship on offspring of people who’d left their country. That seems to me to be the thing that changes, and it also strikes me as arrogant when another country says “you are our citizen” when you have no wish to be.

What is also worrying is that ministers knew about Parry’s concerns and did nothing. And the Coalition are dumb for not having an exhaustive checklist, and/or discussion with a lawyer versed in such matters before being preselected.


May be the raising of Frydenberg’s status is just a diversion to deflect from Parry, Manus etc.
My guess is that he , like a Sudmalis and others with a foreign born mother who was born before a certain time, does not automatically acquire foreign citizenship, but must apply for it.
It would be a stretch to interpret “ entitlement” as entitled to apply for citizenship . .
Historically, automatic citizenship by descent was acquired through the male line in most countries. Most countries changed the laws to allow for citizenship by maternal descent from the eighties onwards, but did not make the laws retrospective.


I called Turnbull’s office today to raise my concern regarding all things Manus.

Had a non-judgmental person register me and my electorate and it took two seconds.

02 62777700


Speaking of GG’s, Sir Ninian Steven passed away during the week. A very distinguished fellow. Served as a judge with the High Court of Australia prior to being appointed as GG in 1982 by M Fraser. Has the distinction of being the only GG so far to approve 2x double dissolution of parliament. Served until 1989. Which raises the question, who if in a sober and composed condition calls their kid Ninian? I reckon his greatest achievement was to survive childhood with a name like that.


Also pretty sure he presented the premiership cup at the 84 or maybe 85 GF.

Now that’s something to be proud of


Did he? What a guy!


Yeah self-regulation is always a winner.


Lucky that the Constitution doesn’t state that useless self serving c u nts are ineligible to hold parliamentary office, otherwise there’d be no politicians no-one remaining.


I could be wrong about Sir Ninnian presenting the 84 cup. Im sure he had some link to an old 80s game.


The only thing I care about with this whole Section 44 garbage is that the karma bus came and ran Joyce over.
His whole, ‘who cares if it’s fair, at least we got rid of some democratically elected Greens…’
Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck yoooooooooou…

None of the rest matters to me.
Just that it exposed that farkhead for the hypocritical ■■■■ that he is.


Sir Ninian.

Terrible parenting.


Good one. I’ve just updated his Wiki page.


That fact that Sir Ninian turned out to be one of the greatest guys that has ever lived and that his parents played a significant role in his development is beside the point . Why would you take the risk?


It would be something to be proud of but I am pretty sure he didn’t.

One of them - probably '84 - was presented by the Vic Governor (who was being investigated for something or other at the time) ?Murray.

Can’t recall who did the '85 but would be surprised if it was the GG.


Yep, I’ve gone back and had a look and I’m not sure how I had my wires crossed. Even checked ‘83 (eerrrrgh) and they did a weird live cross during the medal presentation to Gary Buckenara on drugs in a hospital bed still in his footy gear!


Interesting developments in qld with Labor wanting to veto the NAIF loan to Adani. Comes on the back of LNP-claimed conflict of interest, and the veto will require LNP support. Quite a game of chess going on…


I’d pay to see wankers like dastyari or shorten get kicked out on some kind of 44 rulling.


I think you misinterpreted. I agree with you entirely.

What kind of ponce calls their kid “Sir”?