Total 180, AP been flogging the benefits of the mine for months then she suddenly on the advice that LNP are going to start a smear campaign she is suddenly against it?

Stinks the lot of it


You are never satisfied.

She heard you and you are complaining.


Only delaying the inevitable until AFTER the election


Much like East west here, they don’t care what actually happens, as long as a large amount of taxpayer’s money finds its way to a private company.
Totally above board, of course, nothing to see here.


She’s not withdrawing approval of the mine. She’s ostensibly trying to block the loan that will help it happen, to alleviate a percieved conflict of interest. Seems like a bob each way now, but would it have happened if not for the LNP raising the perceived conflict issue?


Words fail me


And another pollie in trouble over citizenship. John Alexander, in Little Johnny Howard’s old seat, has a British dad and may have inherited automatic citizenship.

Quite amazing how this has snowballed, given it all started (most likely) from an internal Greens power struggle between Lee Rhiannon and the sane ones…


Every person in this country should watch tonight’s QnA,



I’m watching. These young people are fabulous.

Go Geordie of Tamworth.


Birmingham seems an almost lone, … and more importantly, … a long distant voice…


And Plibersek should be installed as Labor leader immediately, … if not sooner.


100% agree, though that kid from Tamworth should be your runner against Joyce


Oils were better.


Good for the pollies to get the reasoned views of tomorrow’s voters as an alternative to focus groups and staffers telling them what they want to hear




I can’t even fathom what he finds wrong with that?


That is your issue of tunnel vision.

Even I criticise Labor when they deserve it, like the farking disgrace with treatment of refugees, but you think Greens are just perfect.

Stupid ad, that will appeal to those Northcote hipsters.


Agreed. It says nothing about policy really and won’t coax anyone down off the fence


“We need a diverse voice in politics”

That’s probably all that needs to be said. Oh and it’s not Northcote, it’s the Lentil Belt thank you very much. All the way up to Bell St.


Cos she’s a 1% aboriginal inner city white girl who has no idea on what real aboriginals have suffered in their lives … but vote for her anyway Northcote or you are a bunch of racists