“Real aboriginals”. Sheesh. Jeez I’m glad we’ve got you around to tell us who gets to be a “real aboriginal” and who doesn’t.


Words fail you


Yes not ones that tick “Are you an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander” box on their AUSTUDY forms

Meet Bede Jones

Recipient of indigenous scholarships to Melbourne Uni & Oxford

Meet Schyla Butcher

Recipient of indigenous scholarship to Sydney Uni

Meet Lilly Brown

The first indigenous student to be offered a scholarship at Cambridge

Meet the 2012 cohort of indigenous students to be award scholarships to the UK

Meet the Recipients of the Australian Indigenous Education Foundation scholarships

Deserving Aboriginals need a hell of lot of extra assistance, if you saw the Teachers SBS doc a few months ago you would see the appalling teaching and student standards they have in Central NT, but why is it every time there’s an article about scholarships to indigenous all we see fair skinned fair haired and blue eyed people are the ones receiving it? The absence of anything identifiably aboriginal about them means they can’t be suffering any disadvantage that a person who doesn’t say they are aboriginal but are of similar parental income would be suffering. It brings the schemes involved and the whole idea into disrepute. They are just leeches and the Greens candidate for Northcote is doing more harm than good if she is says ‘vote for me because I can relate to Aboriginals’ … she wouldn’t last 5 minutes in the outback

Need a Royal Commission into the rorts that is the Aboriginal Industry and the rorting of the system by those that have 1% Aboriginal Blood while those with 99% Aboriginal blood get screwed over and forgotten about


I have a nephew that is very much aboriginal. One of the grandparents look “traditional”. Yet he has blonde hair and blue eyes, it is actually very hard to tell in a lot of cases.


If you have less than 50% Aboriginal blood you should not be eligible for Indigenous specific government funding and access to all Indigenous programs

As it stands today you only need 1/32 (3.125%) and you can access the Aboriginal funding gravy train


This is going to a very bad place right now


It cuts both ways BF, I’m not going to criticise the ad because it’s harmless, it’s not very pointed, and a bit of a waste of money because as others have said it could have contained some policy. That ad was done to appeal to the people in the area that had issue with the libs knocking down the Uluru statement. It should have been mentioned in the ad. But yeah. I actually do agree with your point.

At least it’s not vote for me because the other guys xYZ ■■■■■■.

My inference to what I feared bullwinkle had with it was just vindicated.


You ■■■■■■.

I have a mate who is as white as I am, and his old man is a dead ringer for Froggy Davey. He even grew up on the aboriginal community in Darlington Point.

He got his “free ride” degree software and mechanical engineer and has since written the software that automates to irigatuon chanel levels running off the Murrumbidgee.

He has a brother a year younger who has never worked more than a week in his life and never took his free ride. Sits at home all day and drinks beer.

The gravy train of which you talk about is about breaking the cycle of poverty.

And for every 1/32 your that’s accessing funding there are hundreds of first and second generation indigenous people getting opportunities their ancestors never got, and would be unobtainable without the help.



You have no idea. Gravy train is another urban myth perpetuated by morons like you.


So we’ve now replaced “real aboriginals” with "deserving aboriginals and “identifiably aboriginal” and “1% aboriginal blood”

Once again, you’re pretty keen to anoint yourself lord high arbiter of who is really truly properly aboriginal and who isn’t.

I’ve got a friend, blue eyes, hair blonde (most weeks), fair skin. Both grandparents on one side are aboriginal elders straight from central casting - very dark skin, broad noses, deep-set eyes, big bushy beard fading to grey for her grandfather. Her extended family still live on their ancestral country. She went to uni in Melb so obviously had to move here. but she goes back there every holiday, to keep in touch with her people and country, especially now she has kids of her own. I don’t know if she still holds her ancestral belief system, but hell, Tippa’s a very committed Christian and nobody thinks that makes HIM any less Aboriginal.

She did exactly what everyone says indigenous people should do. She studied hard, was successful, made it in ‘mainstream’ society, and is a renowned expert in her field now. She tirelessly mentors aboriginal kids looking to make their way in the sciences, trying to help them find their way out of the poverty trap too. And what was her reward for that? Well, it was Mr Bolt splattering her name all over the Herald Sun, spouting a lot of the same lines you are, that she’s somehow not a REAL aboriginal because her skin is light and that she’s just some opportunist white girl rorting the grants, cos everyone knows that REAL aboriginals are all pitch-black and passed out drunk in remote communities amirite?.

She prosecuted Bolt under 18C, and she won, because Bolt was so focused on her skin colour he didn’t even do the most basic research into her ancestry, or closeness to country and culture, etc. He certainly didn’t ask any of her aboriginal people whether THEY thought she was aboriginal. And that’s the most charitable explanation - personally I think he just plain made up lies.


Just show some courage and ban his racist ringhole.


Not sure the video is targeting ‘northcote hipsters’ I’d say it’s more the school mums and sisters. It’s a bit of an awareness campaign after Labor have paid for a school refurb and some other things.

Funnily both candidates look somewhat similar.

There’s a fair chance Northcote will move to the Greens this year, I’ll be ok with that, even though I’m undecided who to vote for.


You’re right.

Words fail you. And you fail them.

You’re a ■■■■.


Wait… is he referring to Lydia Thorpe?

If you have had anything to do with Victorian Aboriginal people you know that surname and family.

And you don’t doubt her Aboriginality.


After doubts are raised about Joyce because of his kiwi father, Nash raises doubts on account of her Scottish father, Parliament refers them to the High Court. High Court rules they are ineligible,
Parry and Alexander sit on their hands throughout the whole referral process and don’t bother to check their status.
The Nats must be furious at the Libs for their cover up.
Under the Turnbull disclosure proposal, Alexander could continue to sit in the House and vote until the scheduled date for disclosure. Yet, like Parry, he could probably find out in a matter of days whether he is a dual citizen.


How thick are these idiots.


I think they are arrogant rather than thick.


Leave identity politics to the US.

It shouldn’t matter if you’re black, white, straight, gay, or otherwise. When it comes to casting votes, it should simply come down to who is the best candidate for the job.

Trying to convince people to vote for you largely on the basis of your skin colour is pretty sad imo. I’d be embarrassed. In fact, I’d hate to think I was elected because of the genetics I inherited and not on the basis of my ability and vision.


Ability and vision !

Name the last MP elected because of ability and/or vision.

Our system does not allow he brightest and best to get elected, and there is no real incentive for most to put themselves through the brutal rigours of pre-selection for any Party. And few if any of those " independents" elected are truly independent.

We probably just get what we deserve.