And as if people don’t vote on party or personality over policy.


Mostly Party first,perhaps driven by policy. Perhaps personality like Hinch or Hansen, but ability and vision, we get no real idea of ability and vision of any candidate.


And why wouldn’t they be? I’m still seeing idiots (who could legitimately be described as thick) arguing that it wasn’t fair when the LNP members got the ■■■■ but anything that happened to the others was absolutely fair enough.


Why not? Are you saying politicians never campaign on policy?

“Vote for me because I’m black” is no better than “vote for me because I’m tall” or “vote for me because I have a superfluous third nipple”. It’s meaningless.


Parties campaign on policy, and Party candidates follow that agenda. Independents don’t usually campaign on policy, maybe local issues. Andrew Wilkie campaigned on gambling matters, but I would argue that was to give him a profile.

In any case, ability and vision ! I am cynical about that, and I know more MPs than most from all sides. Not saying they are not good people and most work hard.


Wilkie started out as an Iraq War whistleblower didn’t he? Pretty sure that’s the issue that got him prominence.


Exactly. This tweet never gets old.


Yes but no. He campaigned in the local area long and hard around the abolition of pokies. Drove around for three years in an old car with the amount of money Tasmanian’s lose on poker machines fixed to the roof.

No one outside Tassie gave him a chance in what was a very safe Labor seat. From where we sat he was always going to win.



Disgusting behaviour by a right-wing hate group against labor senator Sam Dastyari. There is no pace for that sort of discrimination and intimidation in this country.

Silver lining. These rednecks and never too bright. I suspect the fat thug in the Toll shirt will be looking for a new job tomorrow. Do your finest mr Little.


Pretty ugly scene, roundly condemned by all sides of politics this morning, all sides except P Hanson. They’re fringe dwellers for a reason.


Apparently the guy in the toll shirt already lost his job with toll a while ago over another incident. Guessing Toll will be asking for their high vis vest back now.


On another topic, something I was told yesterday that I hadn’t heard before, was that former ALP minister and Pick-a-Box champion, Barry Jones, is somehow involved with a new political party, or movement. Barry’s obviously a bit old to be taking a leading part, but it sounded interesting to me.

In my opinion, Australia’s crying out for a new party.


I’d vote for you.


Barry ■■■■■■ Jones !

He always had a theory, but could never do anything practical or get anything finished. He was about the worst and weakest Minister for Science we ever had, and set the tone for what the Liberals have done to CSIRO and Universities.

And seriously there have been many new Parties come along in my lifetime, but most as hopeless, personality based and fall apart with little real support.

When it comes to Politics, we get what we deserve.


Barry Jones would have to be approaching 100 years?


I know a current affair are sewer rats even by the low standards of the Australian media industry, but what the actual ■■■■?

This country is ■■■■■■.


The ABC already talked to them so it’s not an exclusive.


Anyone who watches that shitstain of a show is in need of a serious de-programming.


This person represents xyz values which are totally outrageous!

And we have them on the line (or in person) right now.