“Blokes”. Surprised they didn’t go with “patriots”.


You have to wonder.

We now have Lambie, Sharkie and co in trouble with the whole citizenship thing…and still somehow Labor is to blame.

Cosgrove must do something.


Trumble is threatening to have all of Labor go through the high court to check citizenship. Can he actually do that without having his own party go through the same process? That would be a new undemocratic low IMO.


The chamber in question determines who goes to the High Court. So in theory they could get it done with a 75-74 vote in the lower house, but the cross-benchers in the Senate would tell them to fark right off.

I haven’t heard the claimed threat, but obviously it won’t happen even if they believed they could bribe said cross-benchers into compliance. Would be electoral suicide.


I can’t believe there are still MPs who could be dual citizens. They are still coming out of the woodwork.


We elected some right royal fark wits.


The age now saying that John Alexander is going to stand down due to British duel citizenship and that will mean Bennelong goes to a bielection.

Surely there just needs to be a spill now.


Ahaha. Never change QLD.


lel. Moron Nation. what a pack of idiots.


She’s got no idea


And if he does that promptly (ha!) the Coalition don’t have a majority in the house that determines the government.



Bennelong time since that’s happened!


Your Point?



It’s a virtual House Of Cards now.


Wow, I just saw this post in another forum:

Bennelong, if you re-elect Alexander than you are advocating…
Cutting pensions
Higher university fees
Lower education funding
A third world NBN
No climate change action
Banks getting away with rate rigging and fraud
No action on indigenous recognition in the constitution
$65Billion in tax cuts to multi nationals
No action on housing affordability
Cuts to wages and penalty rates
Attacks on workers and unions using security agencies
Failed energy policies
A failing NDIS
No ministerial accountability
Entitlement rorts
Human rights violations and attacks on minorities
The demise of the Murray Dowling Basin and the Great Barrier Reef
Billion dollar giveaways to Adani
More CSG fracking
Watering down of racial discrimination laws
More cuts to domestic violence services
The destruction of the ABC
Media laws to prop up Rupert Murdoch
More government surveillance of you and your fellow Australians
Reduced freedom of movement
A pseudo alliance with One Nation
The continued destruction of the CSIRO, BOM, ABS
Weak and insipid leadership
More thought bubbles
The militarization of government agencies
Inaction on employers ripping off workers
More Agri-Socialism for the National Party
Less equality and opportunity
The death of the great Australian dream of home ownership
No Royal Commission into the banking sector
Trickle down economics
A $122 million non binding survey of your fellow Australians rights.
And on and on…

That is a pretty extensive - but unfortunately not comprehensive - list of crap) policies enacted or advocated by the Tories.


But apart from that, what have the Romans done to us?


Dickk & the Greens pushing to assist the right to help bring down the left again … fmd.


I think it is more a chance to show that they were not the only ones who had people who were not eligible but they were the only ones who were honest about it. Labor should have come clean a little better than they have.

For that matter why can’t we just have everyone checked, and if more are found, dissolve parliament and start again? This time actually have someone check each candidate to ensure they are not breaching the laws. Don’t we have some sort of electoral commission to make sure candidates are allowed to run? Surely that would be part of the process in a multicultural society?


You want the AEC to review thousands of candidates each time, padding out election campaigns between application deadline and candidate announcement?

Anyone who doesn’t know, or can’t show they know, before putting themselves up in the future is a deadset moron who deserves to be embarrassed.