I would expect a strong vetting process along the lines of the way we treat refugees.


This. The minimum standard should be equivalent to the level of proof that centrelink demands. Pollies cost the taxpayer much, much more than dole recipients after all. Due diligence is only fair.


Labor did vet every Candidate at the last election, and anyone with an issue renounced any foreign citizenship before the election. This issue is that the foreign government (in these cases, the British Government) had not finalised their end before the election. All advice to Labor was that all “necessary steps” were taken and so there was no issue.

Now in hindsight and with a recent High Court ruling, the Labor position could go either way. To be fair, I do not think you can compare, doing nothing to taking action, as was required of all Labor people. At the end of it all, it is a High Court decision.


Let’s just cut to the chase and deport the 49% of Australians either born overseas or with a parent having done so. Will lower real estate prices.

It will be close to a non-issue in the future, even without constitutional or other changes.


What? He wants to go to the governor to ask them to dissolve parliament and force an election, hoe is that helping the right with the current opinion polls?


Scott Ludlam resigned as he was about to be exposed by a Perth lawyer who had done some checking following a change petition on his status. Larissa Waters then did some checking and resigned.
Joyce was exposed by Will Summers who had started to check on the status of Hinch. . Canavan and Nash came clean after some journos chased down records.
Meanwhile, the Liberals covered up irregularities in their status and did not refer Parry or Alexander - who were in the same situation as Nash - to the HC.
The AEC has no power to vet status, but anyone with an overseas born parent or grandparent could have easily checked their status.


Pauline’s new senator was sworn in and then promptly resigned and became an independent! Sensational stuff from the right here. Real, well oiled program from PHON.


The thought that Pauline could possibly be ineligible as a dual citizen is hilariously ironic.

The fact the question was asked some days ago and hasn’t been conclusively answered in the negative gives me some hope.


What on earth is this in reference to?
This is about what passport you hold, and common respect for the laws you sign up for. Has nothing to do with what ethnic background you’re from.


I believe G-unit was commenting on the Greens campaign ad for Nothcote centring on the aboriginality of the candidate. The one that prompted the “not a real aboriginal” stupidity.


Oh. Fair enough. Didn’t catch that train, sorry G.


Was having a peruse through their list of senators. Apparently someone in her party got made ineligible in her last tilt around 2000 for having dual citizenship! Unbelievable that she (and everyone else) haven’t learned from it then.


Seems to me that the whole citizenship thing has been a means to cause an early general election. That the parties have been so lax in ensuring candidates meet criteria IS scandalous. At the same time I think the far right hate Turnbull more than they hate the prospect of a Labor government.

In the end a large proportion of MP are far to entrenched in playing factional politics than governing for the benefit of Australian population. The events today with the defection of a Pauline Pantsdown Sentaor to independent and another candidate being questioned about his ownership of a sex shop shows the decent into farce is accelerating.


They love ministers offices, staff and pay that comes with being in government though.


Very believable.


Pauline expelled Anning
He didn’t defect


Weird. She came out and made a statement that he’d left. WTF is going on there?


“I never liked him/her anyway.”


“I don’t like it”


One nation are a joke. Can we kick QLD out yet?