Not until benfti comes home.


One of Australia’s newest senators, Fraser Anning, has said he was verbally abused in a “vitriolic” party room attack before Pauline Hanson kicked him out of One Nation.


So, despite Hanson and Roberts apparently being pretty close Hanson, for some reason, hates his staff and demanded Anning get rid of them. Something big has gone down behind the scenes. PHON appears to be coming apart at the seams. Like it did last time. Just another short lived, right wing flash in the pan that naturally decomposes from self interest.


If the Liberal Democrats, One Nation and Australian Conservatives merged after Christmas, I would not be surprised. Then expect a few of the hard right of the Coalition to move that direction as well.


There have been suggestions that Pauline wanted Anning to resign during his Senate term to allow Roberts to come back in. As Anning has only recently avoided bankruptcy, a Senator’s salary could be attractive.
There had also been suggestions that Hollie Hughes had been asked to do something similar to allow Nash back in, but she refused. Now she’s off to the HC.


So Lambie is going to resign as she is also a dual citizen.


I cannot remotely fathom why even Hanson would WANT Roberts back. He’s been a national laughing stock since he got elected, and a running sore of Dumb that Hanson keeps being forced to talk about when she’d prefer to be talking about how we should burn Tim Flannery to generate electricity and deport everyone without at least three grandparents named Bruce.

Surely she’d be (quietly) happy to get the useless ■■■■■■■ out of the way, and would be better off throwing him under the bus & making nice with his successor?


You are making far too many assumptions about the intelligence of Hanson. She can’t think to that level in any way shape or form.


Nothing to do with Hanson…it’s all about what Ashby wants.

Don’t forget he’s the flog who triggered the Slipper fiasco…the second Slipper fiasco after he betrayed his electorate so he could wear fancy robes.


The world’s a strange place when I kinda regret to see her leave. She’s a writeoff on the Islam & climate change stuff, but on other matters she’s actually grown into an occasional unexpected voice of reason and integrity.

It’s taken her years, but she’s NEARLY gotten to the point Ricky Muir did by the end of his career. That guy was a genuine loss to the parliament.

And she’s said she’s not going to try to coax her successor into stepping aside for her, too. Something about ‘that’s the law and I have to suck it up’. Rare thing, these days.


Keneally to go up against John Alexander in the Bennelong by election will be interesting.


Funny that HM, but I have a grudging respect for her as well. and her performances in Parliament were good and was honest and straight-forward, which is a rarity in the Senate.


Whilst I understand the constitutional limitations, isn’t it a bit odd that someone who is entitled to UK citizenship is not entitled to serve in parliament, but politicians must make an oath to the Queen of the UK in order to serve in that same parliament?

Do an audit of all sitting members and sort it out. If that results in yet another election, then so be it. The current set-up is a farce at the moment.


I’m sure there’s a joke in here somewhere about Lambie and a hung parliament. I just can’t put my finger on it.


Well, hung parliaments are no laughing matter.


Well, hung parliaments can lead to lengthy sessions.


It is, but it’s the same for everyone. It’s generally a pretty simple matter to renounce a foreign passport.

I just can’t believe the arrogance of anyone who wants to make/change laws, not having even read the laws that apply to them? They’ll happily cry “unconstitutional” every second week, clearly a number of them haven’t read the damned thing.


I still find it a bit weird that it’s all about renouncing a foreign passport that they’ve never applied for or used, in some cases in countries they’ve never been to.

Agree that thems the rules and they’re the same for everyone. Just do a farking audit of everyone in the joint, regardless of what party they are in and get on with the what they are supposed to do; govern the farking country.


Can be up all night at times…


We have to have an election now surely?