Hanson seems to be completely blind to what would be considered “laughing stock”.


I think there’s still enough conservative independents to protect the Libs from supply/confidence votes in parliament, even if the ALP wins the Bennelong by election.

There’s no way in hell the Libs will voluntarily call an election now, 10 points behind in the polls, and with nasty internal fights over SSM legislation and preferencing One Nation coming up. They’ll hang into minority govt for as long as they possibly can in the hope that things will miraculously improve somehow. Hell, given that 2016 was a double dissolution election, I don’t think it’s even LEGAL for them to call an election til mid next year at the earliest.

The only way there’ll be an election out of this is if the Libs lose enough MPs to 44, then lose enough of the by elections, that they lose a no-confidence vote in parliament.


I agree. I reckon it’s outrageous for another country to say “you’re a citizen of ours” rather than “if you want, you can apply to be a citizen of ours”. Might have been useful for applying for European work visas but I doubt many Australian-born citizens would hold a passport like this, and vote in their elections.


I’m not sure [that taking advantage of inherited rights are] that rare, Noonan: my ex had a Pom dad and obtained a Pommy passport to enhance her ability to travel.


The rules need to change. Stupid technicality that changes nothing


Please Explain?


I am, and I did a while back.


Much like gay marriage.
If only it were that easy.


After Australia introduced its own citizenship, it continued to hand out Australian passports to British residents , but not the others. That discrimination was eventually brought to an end ( IIRC by the Whitlam Government) which explains why Malcolm Roberts and his father got naturalised shortly before the end of the grace period in the seventies.


I thought they stopped automatically handing out UK passports to ancestry claims a few years back. Either way, the ability to request a foreign passport when you have ties to that country is 1 thing, making somebody lose their job when they’ve never even requested let alone held another countries passport is entirely different. It should never be about foreign laws, if you are born in Australia & have never lived in another country, held another countries passport of citizenship then you should be 100% eligible to run for any & all public offices. I’d imagine if you went back & put this test on all pollies over the decades there would be loads who would have failed.


It has nothing to do with passports - these are travel documents. Automatic citizenship by descent is common. E.g. my daughter was born in Australia but is automatically a UK and NZ citizen by descent from a parent (me). Citizenship by descent for these countries only applies for one generation - her children will not inherit it. All this is easily Googled.


No one gets a choice of citizenship unless they go through a naturalisation process .
Citizenship by descent has become almost the norm . Place of birth is less important. A child born in Australia only acquires citizenship if at least one parent is a permanent resident or citizen of Australia
Irish citizenship by descent goes back to grandparents. That applies to those born in Northern Ireland as well as the Republic.
In the past, as in the UK and Australia citizenship by descent was usually limited to the paternal line and not to illegitimate children. I had a friend who was born here to an Australian mother and Chinese National father who was brought here for specialist work. The whole family had to leave and it was only years later that the injustice was corrected.
Citizenship gives rights to all the laws of the country, including residence welfare and work. Pre Brexit, anyone with British citizenship could live and work in most Western European countries.Few would have been willing to renounce it.


Yep both my Grandparents on my Mums side were born in Ireland, and I just applied for Irish citizenship, for no other reason except that I can.


I’m guessing you didn’t need to apply. You were automatically a citizen but sought registration of your citizenship.


That’s not my understanding. I looked in to it a few years back (my grandfather was born on the boat from Ireland).

There’s definitely an entitlement to citizenship but the way it was explained to me was that it was an application, not acknowledgment.

In theory, if a tinpot country like Angola was to suddenly bestow automatic citizenship on every citizen of the world, each and every member of parliament who failed to immediately email the consulate renouncing it would be ineligible.

A referendum is needed to put this to bed once and for all. Remove the “entitled to” wording of the law and the problem goes away.


Not only that, they’d need to receive confirmation that they were no longer a citizen before me they could sit.


Brb, off to lobby the Angolan govt.


You need to apply and show proof that the grannies were born in Ireland.


OK. Different for UK / NZ -





I’d imagine if challenged in an international jurisdiction this “citizenship by descent” concept would be modified.

In this day and age, a foreign power has no right to “claim” anyone, particularly if you’ve never set foot there.

Offer it by all means, but to automatically classify someone without their input is some bullshit.