There are some quality NSW Labor MPs, not least Tony Burke, Chris Bowen and Tanya Plibersek


Chris Bowen legit makes me want to bang my head against a wall.


I have seen more than my share of grubby politics, from all sides, mostly from the Greens lhese days.

i would reckon though, any real Photoshopping of a Candidates photos and something as gross as whitening skin colour would be crucified by the Media.

Don’t disagree with your views on NSW Labor Right, though it is now all in the past, … I hope !


Anastasia seems to change her stance on Adani depending on where in the state she is campaigning.


Missed the obvious wording…


I hate that things like the fairness of an Aboriginal woman’s skin was used to attract voters and terms like trumpeting in regards to her Aboriginality are so glossed over in here.


It’s obvious she is all for it, the veto is a tactical ploy to win green votes in marginal seats in the SE corner.

If she is successfully re-elected, I have no doubt she will do an about face on the veto & we will back to where we were a month or so ago.



Liberal Democrat Senator David Leyonhjelm will host a question and answer session with Milo Yiannopoulos at Parliament House when the controversial alt-right figure tours Australia next month.


Chatting to a few of my labor mates up here has made me rest a little easier, she is playing koy up north about it because she can’t afford to lose any seats up there, but she isn’t for the mine, they asure me.

If she does about face on it if she wins power, I will made it my personal mission in life to make life for the QLD living hell.


That dude is a ■■■■■■■ delux, even the alt right mafioso like Ben Shapiro and Sam Haris think he is a ■■■■.


Life in your part of QLD is already a living hell.

Now all those Lady Backbackers in Cairns make FNQ bearable.


Indeed, another reason to promote tourism over mines


I think Linda Burney is a proving to be a great MP.

And my point is she would have won regardless of her skin tone. Might be a.bit uncomfortable to talk about, it was only after the election when I actually saw her.

I think the Labor party assumed the electorate to be racist. Or she felt they were and needed to wear really fair foundation makeup. And that is really sad.

I hope she holds her seat.


You have to then ask 2 questions:

  • why did she approve the loan in the 1st place?
  • her defacto is a lobbyist for Adani through PWC, surely his ideas/opinions would have to rub off on her?


she 100% for the mine, just needs to win an election in teh short term.


As I understand it, she approved the project, which is not the same thing as approving a loan for it. When the potential conflict of interest was raised re her partner, she said she would veto the (Federal) NAIF loan for rail infrastructure. At face value it’s a reasonable position to take (if you disregard the environment) - OK Adani, go mining but don’t expect us to pay for it. That probably sits OK with the NQ voters, while rejecting the entire project would not. But would she have tried to block the loan if the conflict issue wasn’t raised? I don’t know, but it seems like she has a bob each way now and it may just save her skin.



I must say I am impressed with the Vic Govt costings for the North-East Link

When announced in August $6.1 billion and final announcement today $16.5 billion

$16.5 billion for an 11km road ($1.5bill per km)

Meh, it’s only Monopoly money


Now that’s an expensive road. So why were they against the other road that they cancelled?