Although hey have a decent swing doesn’t look like they will win a seat at this stag. Big farkin LOL.


Increase in the state wide vote which she will bang on about - but does not translate to seats…


I’m supportive of a regulated intake of refugees but anyone who supports the Greens’ ‘Open Dock’ policy has their head up their backside. A return to a people smuggling free-for-all will lead to refugees being exploited and dying in un-seaworthy rust buckets. You hear plenty of moaning accompanied with hand-wringing from The Greens but no real answers apart from “let them all in”.


If the Greens had not blocked legislation on the Malaysian solution, we might not have had the Manus disaster. Malaysia is a transit country for Muslim refugees and as a compact country with more centralised power it has more capacity to regulate people smuggling. Once the refugees get to the Indonesian archipeligo , there is no way Indonesia can police people smuggling at central government level.
That said, something is needed to resolve Manus. To put refugees in a fortress and to subsidise their living in a relatively poor Manus comunity will breed further indigenous resentment. And the financial cost to the Australian Government is astronomical, on top of close to $100 million the government was forced to settle with Save the Children after Dutton was found out on his lies.


Canavan saying that Nicholls has done what very few opposition leaders have done to a first term government. First, he hasn’t done it yet:; second, what about Anastasia with Newman and Andrews with Napthine?


Not a good night for One Nation, looks like they’ll fall short of their prediction of winning 11 seats by about 10. Suck ■■■■. I’m hoping last night was another step towards their irrelevance. It certainly looks that way.


Canavan was salty last night. And the biggest problem is that he still doesn’t get it. I flicked over to Sky for a bit and they were just as bad. Nothing is going to change in the LNP with these far right nutters running the joint, which is somewhat disappointing.


They have always had far right wing nutters running the place.

Their past PMs, Faser, Howard and Abbott could be hardly viewed as liberal and centrist at all. Remember that Fraser cut Medibank and ended universal health care, Howard tried to give us Work Choices that effectively took away all rights in the workplace, and then there was Tony. Turnbull showed promise and he was voted in on the belief that he was progressive and moderate, but not so.

While Labor Governments from 1972 have not been perfect and made some poor decisions, racked by internal division, they did restore and strengthen Universal Health Care with Medicare, did modernise our economy by deregulating banks, tried to improve workplaces and productivity with the Accords, kept the economy moving though the GFC, and many other things.


Australia has had an open door policy for over a decade with international students studying “skills shortage” courses such as hospitality, and business as a pathway to gain residency. A total rort aided and abetted by government and educational institutions.

This country must have more qualified cooks and book-keepers per head of the population than any other country on the planet.

Yet, there is hysteria about refugees in a leaky boat.


they only have to go via the backdoor because we’ve shut the front door - denying perfectly valid asylum claims just ‘cos
It’s never going to play out perfectly, because it’s the real world, but why would people put their lives in danger if they could just get on a plane knowing they would get asylum when they reached Aus?

This off shore “they don’t count if they’re on a boat” bullshit is a heinous violation of human rights and needs to be stopped. Never mind the irony of how 95% of us got here.


Yea but they’re not the rich.


One Nation still got a solid 13% of the vote. Just cos its distributed across the state means they don’t win any seats in a unicameral parliament - the support base is still there though. As a percentage of the vote, they outpolled the Greens.

We’re going to be stuck with these fuckknuckles on the political scene for a long time unfortunately.


Unless (until) they implode again.


I don’t think even implosion will matter. Their base at this point is welded on. Any implosion will be written off as ‘MSM propaganda’ or credited to just being an ‘normal bloke/mum’ not a slick professional pollie. It’s enough that they hate the right people. Competence and/or honesty is secondary.


You never know, the Greens may eventually all grow up.


Thankfully it’s only a QLD thing.

I bet that dodgy wanker Ashby is organising an insurance job on that ‘Battler Bus’ right now.


As Hanson is extremely aware, because it has kept her solvent for decades, ‘registered political parties and candidates are entitled to election funding if they receive at least 6% of the total number of formal first preference votes for an election.’

(That’s the QLD percent. I think it’s 4% for federal elections.)

The election was a “success” and she’ll keep coming back.


There was plenty of One Nation support in NSW last federal election too.


Just like Cane Toads, the scourge starts in QLD and spreads.


Actually, Qld did not follow the WA party preferencing to One Nation… One Nation preferences to Labor may have gotten one Labor seat over the line, but there were at least two seats where Labor preference to LNP got LNP over the line ahead of One Nation.