Definition of help? Greens preferences on how to vote cards went to Labor and in more than one seat got labor over the line. I followed greens how to vote card in my area, I probably wouldn’t have voted for Labor if the greens (or a similar candidate from a progressive party) didn’t stand. In my electorate greens preferences won a Labor victory.


So if no Greens stood, who would you have voted for. LNP, PHON ?


One Nation ran second in 23 seats in Qld, so arguably have much more influence than the Greens, who tend to concentrate their efforts in inner city seats.


Neither of the above. Not Labor either.


Maybe you would like the Australian Progressives https://www.progressives.org.au/


Surely you can find some common ground with one of the current 49 registered political parties, we don’t need anymore.



Not that I’m in Queensland, but I find it hard to find a party to vote for.


That’s why the green preferences were so important - if the greens preferenced one nation we might have had PHON win 23 seats!



Greens pref PHON.?? Sure.


Green preferences in the 23 seats were irrelevant. It was Labor or LNP preference that kept them out.


Sorry, I was exaggerating slightly, but in my electorate for example ALP were just edging out LNP, but preferences from the Greens should put them over the line. Plenty more electorates like that.

If Greens had preferenced LNP we probably would have seen a different result (obviously people are free to fill out the ballot any way they choose, but many follow the how to vote flyers)


Labor are a basket case and should fold. That way we’d have some actual socially progressive policy rather than Liberal Lite.


`Labor’s greatest social flaw is its refugee policy. It started with Beazley on the Tampa and was resurrected by Rudd when he got reinstated. Now, it has no influence


Labor State Government in Vic, Qld, WA, SA, and after the next election in Canberra.

Yep really no influence at all.

And while I do agree the the treatment of refugees is a disgrace. It would have been sorted if Greens didn’t vote with Libs on bringing down Malaysian option


Sorry BF, I meant no influence in refugee policy. On other matters, against the odds Gillard got Gonski and NDIS up and in Victoria, Andrews is a social progressive.
However, Labor policy on funding to private schools is dodgy as was its support for the chaplaincy fund.


Funding to private schools policy has been dodgy ever since Gough overturned policy to get the Catholic vote in 1969


Get ready for the stoush following the proposed merger of MUA, TCFUA and CFMEU. . Employers are opposed, Cash is supposed to be bringing forward a bill to impose a public interest test to Union mergers.
Evan Hannan has an article in Australian 28 November.




More than a few questions about Sam Dastyari.

For all intents and purposes, he is far more in contravention of Section 44 than the others who had citizenship thrust upon them by foreign countries.


Guy needs to be run out of Canberra on a rail.

Liability to his country, and even his party now. Why does he even have a job? If Shorten ACTUALLY leads the ALP he’ll be having a quiet word in some back rooms to the effect that dastyari might want to start exploring other lines of work, cos he won’t be getting pre-selected next election.