Another article on Mr Snack Pack tonight. If Shorten has any balls he’ll sack him tomorrow.

Which I guess means he’s safe.


Dastyari is a fool, but Turnbull is going over the top in referring to the phone tapping tip off as compromising national security surveillance. There are a lot of people in Canberra who sssume their phones are probably being tapped - without being told so- and who don’t want the minutae of their private lives overheard.
I don’t see anything sinister in that in itself.


AFP got a big hit from the Ombudsman for unlawfully tapping journalists phones and for saying that they destroyed the records when they had not
Plibersek asking about the source of the advice that Dastyari tipped off his contact on the pro ability of phone tapping.


You’re on the money.

Dastyari has quit his position as deputy opposition whip but remains in Parliament.


“Last night I spoke to Senator Sam Dastyari and told him to resign from his senior Labor positions in the Senate. It is not a decision I took lightly,” the Opposition Leader said in a statement.

“I also told him that while I accept his word that he never had, nor disclosed, any classified information, his handling of these matters showed a lack of judgment.”


… and in six months time he’ll be being ‘rehabilitated’ yet again, and will be back on the ladder up.


Everyone makes a mistake, or two or three or four or five or …

A cat has nine lives, wonder how many a Sam has ?


If China is such a threat why do we let them buy our farms, energy companies, Darwin Port etc. Julie Bishop got $500,000 of the Chinese for WA Libs. If the Chinese want to know something I’m sure they would find out.


Any records of meetings with that foreign cashed up media mogul Rupert Murdoch?


What has Dastayari actually done wrong this time ?

He had private talks with a prominent Chinese businessman. So what ? That’s exactly what Trumble, Julia Pissup and other leading “Liberals” (that’s Aussie for “Fascists”) have done and keep doing regularly, and they also keep accepting huge donations to Liberal Party funds from the same Chinese business men on a regular basis.

He supposedly recommended they go outside for a private conversation and leave their mobiles behind them to guarantee privacy. What’s wrong with that ? I’d have done the same myself, if I thought Big Fascist Brother was secretly listening in on my conversations. The “Liberals” are always touting what they call “freedom of speech”…

The born-to-rule Libs are big on what they call “National Security,” so big it amounts to paranoia. Of course Fascism requires an Enemy for it to function — both an external enemy to go to war with if necessary and an internal one to validate the spying on our own people, and to unite the “Nation” against. “Nation” doesn’t mean all the people, but translates as “supporters of the born-to-rule Liberal Party.”

So, Dastyari recommended they go outside for a private conversation and leave their mobiles behind them to guarantee privacy, did he ? And where did this information come from ?

It couldn’t possibly have come from the Secret Police who were listening in, via Dastyari’s mobile, surely…

And anyway, as he said himself, what secret information does Dastyari have to pass on to any representative of the owners of the Port of Darwin ? Sweet Funny Adams.

Dastyari has been a very effective opponent of the “Liberals” — they hate him, and will do anything they can to get rid of him. But he gets no support from the former backroom power broker who is now so avid for his own personal glory

Every day the ALP under Vanilla Bill looks more and more like Liberal Light. In his own way, he’s running as scared as Trumble. He’s terrified that the nice respectable middle-class voters of East Malvern and North Ryde might keep on voting for the Fascists and not give Labor a go, no matter how bland he renders the Labor message for them. That’s why he has nothing whatever to say about the human rights abuses being perpetrated in our names in PNG. He’s that desperate to get himself elected PM. He won’t speak out against the Manus Island brutality; and he won’t back his own Senator against the continuing Fascist witch-hunt.

If Labor had a real leader, not a personal-power-hungry apparatchik, they might have a chance of making a real difference in this country which has been so destroyed by the Fascist mob who once dared to call themselves the United Australia Party.

The tragedy for the Labor Party (and for the country as a whole) is that they didn’t elect Albo to the leadership. Things would be very different here now if they had done.


Not too sure about some of the labels you’ve applied, but can’t disagree too much with the core content. I do really hope Labor get rid of Bill before the next election so I can consider voting for Labor.


Surely just a coincidence that Dastaryi gets exposed on the eve of the climb down on the Royal Commission Inquiry.


Well Perce, I voted for Albo, but Bill got the vote from the people who work directly for him. And he has done a great job, uniting the Federal Labor Party and in fact, the whole Labor a Party behind him. Maybe he is driven by personal power, but that is a joke as he relies on us Labor members and his Federal Caucus comrades to keep his job, and hence he has to perform.

I don’t really get why Bill is not liked, as now I have met him a number of times and he is quite impressive. He speaks with passion and is very believable. He gets a bad deal from the media and given what a easy life Turnball has had from Media, it is not surprising they paint him as a villain.

Popularity makes it easier to get elected, but doesn’t mean you make a good leader (Rudd and Turnball), and my view is that Bill will make a great PM.


I think Bill is disliked because the media tells us that we don’t like him.


I wish he wouldn’t talk as though he was delivering a speech at school prizegiving night. Or the feigned anger look.


I think Bill is disliked by people without them being told by the media. He is, as Perce said, a “backroom power broker … avid for his own personal glory … looks more and more like Liberal Light … desperate to get himself elected PM”

IMHO, his performance during that mining disaster in Tasmania was reprehensible… stayed away when it looked like there was bad news. Then when the two miners were rescued, he flew down in a private jet that night so he could bask in the media spotlight…

Anything that he does has to be viewed through the prism of what is best first and foremost for Bill Shorten.


I don’t like him because he comes across as a self serving smarmy prick.


Advertises that hes gonna do citizenship ceremonies, noshows all of them.


New South Wales Deputy Premier John Barilaro has called on Malcolm Turnbull to resign, describing the Prime Minister as “completely out of touch”.
In an explosive interview on radio 2GB, Mr Barilaro questioned Mr Turnbull’s leadership and said he had “lost all hope”.

“Turnbull is the problem, the Prime Minister is the problem,” he said.

"He should step down, allow for a clean out of what the leadership looks like federally.

“And whoever governs the country needs to make sure that they put the country and its people first.”

Mr Barilaro, the NSW Nationals leader, is the highest ranking Coalition MP to publicly call for the Prime Minister’s resignation.


If the Libs turn more conservative, they are screwed. They will truly be the party for 60+ year olds, like their membership.