There must be a few people ■■■■■■■■ themselves over the possibility of an ALP win.
Union types aren’t exactly the forgive and forget sort, in my experience.
Someone will have a very long list.


Really shocked that Shorten could be dodgy.


He is too.


We want the Asian vote, even if it is being coordinated by sources close to China. At the same time, we are pushing a line warning about the undue influence of China on Chinese students here and don’t approve of China being at the back of pulling Clive Hamilton’s book.


He has not denied the visit but pointed out to Fairfax senior government figures including Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, deputy Liberal leader Julie Bishop and former PM Tony Abbott, have all socialised with Mr Huang. His office stressed his visiting the businessman did not compromise Australia’s national security and that Labor would “no longer accept donations from Mr Huang”.

“It is unbelievable that Mr Turnbull still refuses to do the same.” Since 2015, Labor has accepted $141,000 in donations from companies related to Mr Huang while the Liberal and National parties have taken nearly $138,000. Quizzed about these donations - which are on the public record - senior cabinet minister Christopher Pyne said he was not aware of any contributions by Mr Huang and wouldn’t comment on them.


I’m sure if anyone from the LNP has met with Chinese donors they did so without knowing or their Mum made them do it.


Bill Shorten (November 2017) - “I don’t accept that Labor MPs are not qualified to sit in the parliament. The ALP’s headquarters has done its homework and the party’s standards were “demonstrably superior” to those of other parties.”

December 2017: Labor senator Katy Gallagher faces being referred to the High Court after British authorities confirmed she was a dual citizen until more than a month after the 2016 federal election*.

  • Taking the 2016 Election aspect out of it … Gallagher has been a Senator since March 2015 and only lodged her UK renounce papers in April 2016

and lying on a Stat Dec is not good


It is a very legal question, as some would say. . She filled a Senate vacancy last time,
. No questions were then raised, same position as Barnaby and co who have been in the Senate a lot longer ( even though she probably then had dual citizenship ) and if you say she lied on a stat dec, then so did all those others including Barnaby Joyce.
The challenge relates to her position as a Senator following the 2O16 elections. The legal issues are probably what constitutes reasonable steps and whether confirmation of renunciation - compared to the date she renounced- is interpreted as the exact date she lost dual citizenship.
More than one High Court referral coming up to settle this issue.


actually others like Joyce just had to fill out a nomination form, Gallagher being a Senate appointee between elections needed to get selected via the ACT Parliament and had to fill a Stat Dec


blow the joint up and start again.


Dean Smith could also be in trouble. It would be a bit harsh if the slow wheels of a bureaucracy - sometimes many months - were used to disqualify some, when in other cases the efficiency of a bureaucracy has delivered confirmation in a matter of days or weeks .
How long did it take for NZ to confirm that Barnaby was no longer a NZ citizen?


I think you’ll find the nomination form includes a bit where you attest you are eligible. Point being that the AEC does not do such checks, given they have no such power plus the minimal time between close of and announcement of nominations.


Watching the news with the sound off.
Did Harry Styles get elected to Parliament?


George Clinton has dropped his standards, if that’s the case.


“We are Union”


Got any of peaceful protests?


Hope that silly ■■■■■■■ and all those who threw rocks were arrested.
Given they said they’d only arrested two this morning though, that seems unlikely.

Obvious troll is obvious barely deserves a protest, and a violent one over that is just really stupid.

High point for Australian politics when this moron addresses Parliament.


A homosexual that dresses like a twat and wears aviators. He’s so edgy and flamboyant.


he’s not, is he?


Did not address Parliament as such, but PH the venue, at the invitation of Leyonhelm ( using his rights as a Senator)