No it wont win votes.
Labor dont seem very good at scare mongering.
Reds under the bed, blowing out defecits, etc.

They need some scare mongering campaigns on key issues, problem is they are so compromised. Particularly issues such as privatisation, private school funding, private health care funding, refugees, off shore processing, penalty rates, labour hire companies etc. that they really have to where to go.

They need to re-evaluate core beliefs and start again.


Oh, I dunno.
The Coalition had all kinds of butthurt over the Medicare ‘scaremongering’ from the last election.


There is a lot of recent history demonstrating that a platform of “national pride” is very effective.

“Under Labor, Australians will be back in charge of their own energy needs, no longer subject to faceless markets stealing from Australian families to deliver wealth to foreign corporations. Australian owned power, for ALL Australians”.

It’s not hard.

Edit: What is hard is replacing hundreds of thousands in lost political donations from energy conglomerates and lobby groups.


Flogging a dead horse carrying on why Dastyari does not resign immediately. No problem with Billson taking a salary from Franchise while still a Minister . No problem with Joyce and Nash not standing down from their Ministerual positions ( worth a lot in salary terms) after their referral to the High Court.


Dont forget A Robb earning 800K for “consulting”.


Now that is disgusting, especially after the sale of the Port of Darwin.


IF the ALP somehow had a plan to effectively deliver on a promise like that it would waltz into power with a landslide.


It’s not just donations. Some of these guys set themselves up for future employment with these companies by providing friendly policy to them. It’s crooked and undemocratic.


Dutton banging on about the cost to the taxpayer of Dastyari salary - a few thousand , compared to the $90million settlement plus legal fees for Dutton’s lies about Save the Children.


Presumably the Minister stated Joyce would return his taxpayer funded salary for the period of his ineligiblity? Yes?



Very classy, Kristina.



But if the argument is that you shouldn’t tell people who are mentally impaired who they should vote for then you better ban the ■■■■■■■ things all together.


If you banned the mentally impaired from voting then LNP and PHON would get no votes.


Pretty sure that when it comes to politics and disabilities the bar has already been set real low.


I still can’t imagine how one person could vote for this disgusting pig, let alone 25 million.



Such a loathsome prick.


I must say that watching the usual suspects “dealing” with a non leftie US President is dead set priceless. Keep it up guys!


Speaking of dimwitted dogs …


A former Cash staffer has joined the AHA. CAS gave buckets of money for internships in the hotel industry. There was also an issue with one of Ley’s staffers having connnections with the food industry when she was Minister for Health
Politicians are subject to disclosure of interests, so are senior public servants. Any public servant getting a security clearance has to disclose far more.
Staffers have access to privileged information but are not subject to any disclosure obligations.


Strong employment numbers