Are uou saying mocking disabled people is a left right issue?
Or are you saying it’s OK.

Just to get this straight.


Not making any comment about disabled people at all.
Merely commenting on certain people’s reaction to Trump particularly in the US politics thread.


But you did comment about the gif, posted above. And you certainly weren’t critical of it, indeed you were defending D Trump. So…?


Nope I commented on people’s reaction to Trump.


On the back of a post of him clearly mocking the disabled. Ergo you find it amusing that people of different political beliefs are annoyed by mocking the disabled. Otherwise, why would you have posted to note your glee at others being disgusted by a guy mocking the disabled?

(Everyone can see the chain of posts for themselves, so your protestations are kinda pointless)


Nope, see previous post. However if you’d like to draw your own conclusions, go for it. I won’t be responding again.


FWIW, everyone will just read it as is.

You are happy for Trump to mock people with disabilities because it upsets the left.

Then run


Trump’s conduct, in terms of his sense of self, behaviour towards others and contempt for the truth, would equally disgust me if he was a democrat.


SMH has printed an apology to Paul Keating after suggesting that he may have been an agent of influence for a foreign government, due to his position on an advisory board of a Chinese Development Bank.
No such suggestion about Robb.


What arseholes. Glad i deserted this ■■■■ as soon as I could.


Instead we’re worried about Sam Dastyari telling someone his phone might be bugged even though he didn’t know if this was even the case. I’m also really getting sick of security services like asio and afp being politicised. Although the government denies it was a leak from asio about sam dastyari, I don’t believe them.

Reckon the guy is a deadset flog but what Robb has done is much worse.


Unbelievable. If there was a God and they excommunicated a priest for breaking the seal of confession related to child abuse what farking God would it be. Seriously.


An indoctrinated. dogmatic religious one.


The confessional issue may be a straw dog. The senior clergy knew about the child abuse and did nothing, some in the lower clergy were prevented by their orders in doing anything. There was a priest at the infamous Rupertswood who did his best to protect the boys.
Before Rupertswood was taken over by the Salesians, it was a boys home, the runaways were regularly rounded up by the cops and sent back.
The children had no-one to advocate for them.


Seriously - from what I have read of Jesus if a priest rocked up for judgement and said he broke the seal of the confession to report child abuse, I cannot imagine him being turned away.


Are Catholics the only ones who have confession? I just don’t ever hear about it in any other denomination or religion. FWIW though I can see why it would be a deal breaker to have priests break this trust - people would simply not tell them anything anymore & surely its hearsay anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I have no interest at all in protecting any criminals least of all sex offenders, but did paedo priests actually confess their crimes to other priests? How do we know this - has there been priests break the seal?


Islam doesn’t have a confessional sacrament.

Wouldn’t the proposed reporting in a confessional fall into the mandatory reporting realm that teachers and those working with children fall into. They must report suspicion of child abuse.

Given we live in a secular society and we expect other professions to mandatory report suspected child abuse, I don’t see why a religious practice should be exempt.

I don’t think this is a silver bullet to stopping child abuse. I’d be interested in any stats - if available- of people admitting child abuse in the confessional. Probably low? What a farking burden to carry for a priest to hear a parishioner confess child abuse. I would reach through that wooden box and clock the farker.


Does this apply to say a Psychologist or Lawyer? If a patient tells their Dr they have abused someone how does it work? Does it only apply to child sex offences?

I agree it would seem a heavy burden for decent priests to carry if they knew about child sex offenses, maybe even against kids they know, & not be able to act but I guess if you actually believed in god its easier to believe his judgement & punishments are more important.


Each state and territory has different classes of professions that are required to mandatory report - so not sure. I think those professions are pretty comparable though.

When I did have strong faith I would have had some relief that at the time of judgement a child abuser would be punished by God. But judgement might not happen for years, even decades. What price does the child pay for priests or anyone to rely on the punishment and judgement of God. You condemn the child to a life of misery.

If a priest is worried of excommunication if they break the seal, then the child’s welfare is not paramount to them. You break the seal and deal with the consequences when it is time to be judged. Didn’t Jesus go against the grain to ensure those who needed help got it? Surely a merciful and loving God would look at the actions of the priest breaking the seal of confession to save a child and embrace him and say you did good.


I’m not Cathloic so I may get this wrong.

I think Catholics believe in the opposite, that God is merciful. They believe that even the most horrible people can go to Heaven if they ask for forgiveness. It is the act of confession that allows these people to go to Heaven.

Now I certainly don’t agree with this at all. But the preists do believe that if they don’t allow all Catholics to confess their Sins then the priest is condemning the person to Hell.