At least southerners will soon be able to catch a Coral Trout


That is a shame.

awkward pause

Soooooo…can we mine it now?


Government is trying to change whistleblower laws to make it a 20 year offence. You’d get less time for killing a corrupt official than reporting on one. Yep, this seems fine… We need someone else in charge.


Quality person is Dutton, very high quality:


Re the whistleblower suppresssion thing, I’m waiting on the outrage from those people who believe that it’s hyper important that nazis and white supremacists and similar scum have opportunities to speak in public because FREE SPEEEEEECH.

I suspect I’ll be waiting a while.


Willfully ignorant.


It’s hard to know what the line is between genuine whistle-blowing and Wikileaks-style leaking.

I suspect that line will be blurred by the government in charge.


You will need to define ‘Nazi’ and ‘White Supremacist’ as the Green Left have abused these words so often as to make them now basically meaningless.

To illustrate how silly its become, people are now accused of being Nazi’s for SUPPORTING Israel.


I define Nazis as white supremacists with shaved heads, flaming torches, Nazi paraphenalia and insignia chanting ‘Jews will not replace us.’

Am I being too broad in my definition?


Read a good tweet the other day saying how “feminazi” has disappeared from the alt right vocab since they’ve decided nazis aren’t so bad afterall…


Yes. No doubt it’ll be some kind of “bringing the nation into disrepute” style of ambiguity.


Those people don’t have the cognitive ability to consider two sides of anything let alone something like this.


Geez trip won’t be happy with the new training tops the boys were sporting today


Socialism red?


Just in case some of you might have missed this…

And that was eighteen months ago ! What’s he getting now he’s Trumble’s head Brownshirt ?


Pfft - that is small change.

You forgot to add in the Manus Island compensation payout costs of IIRC ~$90,000,000.


The man certainly deserves a shellacking but he is a Federal Minister so is going to need to travel to (im)properly carry out his job.

I’m sure he’s just taking the ■■■■ (a fair assumption for most politicians) but I think we need to see how that expenditure compares to previous Ministers in his portfolio and even perhaps to comparable peers around the world before getting too outraged.

God, that almost sounds like a defence. I’m off to take a shower.


I’m sure this must fit in the FAKE NEWS category?

Article from 2012

When LNP in power.

And about NZ. :joy:

David Davis‏ - Member for Southern Metropolitan Region

Nothing to see here. No problems with gangs according to @DanielAndrewsMP & his ministers! Really? Are they serious? #springst


3T rolled a bank I relieved at when I was in Sydney 20 odd years ago.
Are they still a thing?


Comments he made after an african kid was literally beaten in the streets by 2 white guys.
Who clearly did fit in.