133 seats to 17.
It was not close.
And it will never be that close again.


I just wish politicians just declared what their buyout figure is so I can just start a kickstarter to buy them out.

At least that way the government might actually look after the common man rather than far right big corporations and far left focus groups.


What is a “far left focus group” ?

And which Government looked after them, as I have never seen any Labor Government look after Far Left or even Left anything !


Safe schools program.




Weren’t 13 of those 17 squibs who didn’t actually vote?

Not that I disagree.


No, that was the breakdown of Yes to No wins in electoral seats.
The actual government votes…

Who abstained from the same-sex marriage vote?

Barnaby Joyce (Nationals)
Tony Abbott (Liberals)
Andrew Hastie (Liberals)
Michael Sukkar (Liberals)
Kevin Andrews (Liberals)
Scott Morrison (Liberals)
George Christensen (LNP)
Rick Wilson (Liberals)
Stuart Robert (Liberals)
Bert van Manen (Liberals)

What about no votes?

Bob Katter (independent)
Russell Broadbent (Liberal)
Keith Pitt (Nationals)
David Littleproud (Nationals)


There were 72 senators able to vote today but only 55 did so. At least one senator, Gavin Marshall, is overseas so 16 other senators were either granted leave or abstained from the vote.

Senators who have confirmed they abstained include Employment Minister Michaelia Cash, Assistant Minister for Social Services Zed Seselja, Liberal senator James McGrath, National’s Bridget McKenzie, and One Nation’s Pauline Hanson.

Other senators who were missing include Labor’s Sam Dastyari, Don Farrell, Alex Gallacher, Katy Gallagher, Deb O’Neill, Glenn Sterle and Jacinta Collins (who was given a pair and so did not have to vote) as well as One Nation’s Peter Georgiou and Liberal’s David Fawcett.

Liberal’s Arthur Sinodinos and Labor’s Pat Dodson may have been on leave.


Surprised Jim Molan didn’t go with 'My account was hacked. Call the AFP" routine.


Might be news to Australia and a few others engaged in Iraq when Moylan stated “When I ran the war…”


Labor and Greens combined to defeat a proposed change by the federal government in environmental water flows in the Murray’s Darling basin. The government wanted to take another 70 gigalitres out of the northern basin which is already so over-allocated the Darling river rarely flows through to the Murray these days.

Some people in Nationals seats, of which most of the basin is comprised of are having trouble wrapping their heads around Labor and the Greens coming to the rescue of the Darling River. There are people actually panicking and thinking this will mean less water for small scale irrigators and that it needs to be controlled by Nationals reps. How blind and brainwashed these poor people are. The Nationals have put their waterways in the dire situation they’re in and want to make matters worse but they just don’t see it and will keep voting for them.


They need to get rid of Cubbie Station and not give the resultant gains away. That should resolve ALL the Murray-Darling’s problem.

I assume they don’t want to think that unless they fix the Darling, there won’t be ANY irrigation.


Absolutely agree. The problem is largely with one particular place.

As for the Nationals voters in the seats in the basin they’re either not aware of the problem or so hyper-partisan they can’t bring themselves to consider the issue in any reasoned way. One farmer was so ■■■■■■ off about the proposed rules getting blocked he was sure that Labor and the Greens weren’t going to stop until all water was allocated to environmental flows and no agriculture exists in the basin. These guys get this rubbish from their local Nats reps. Another guy was trying to tell me they are going after water in the Murray. When I mentioned it was only about blocking taking more out of the northern basin he just ignored that fact and kept rabbiting on about greenies. When I mentioned the problem with cotton (which they agree with) they couldn’t allow themselves to draw the connections.


Turns out Barnaby has been having an affair with an underling on his staff,… but it seems everyone is saying that’s his personal life,. No Comment.

Didn’t a couple of AFL heads roll over something exactly like this?


Whoever thought the Upper Darling was a good place to grow cotton (or rice)? Or anywhere in Australia bar Ord River?


Barnaby also escapes the Kevin Spacey Creeps Thread treatment.


Strong rumour is that he got her in the puddin’ club ! Poor little bugger


Probably because it was consensual?


Apparently there’s enough kickbacks to enough politicians to make them believe it’s a good idea.


Didn’t a president get impeached for less? #BarnabyOut


Must have been coercion involved no one would willingly get up close and personal with Barney. Carnt of the highest order.