We have open justice in Australia. This means that unless there are exceptional circumstances the information would be available to the public regardless of whether it was tabled in Parliament or filed at the High Court.


Standard Trip tactic, cherry pick a weak quote, say nothing


It’s funny (pathetic) how the media are running with the Barnaby story now. It’s either a story, or it isn’t.


Truth or not, she should be referred to the High court just like everyone else. If it requires a by-election, so be it. Not sure why Labor won’t just do that?

She may be a “victim” of a shyte mother but that doesn’t mean she cannot follow the rules like everyone else has to.

And btw, she can apply for the marriage certificate, everyone who has rung up in QLD has had that confirmed. Also, even though it is hard, her mother will get it for her if she wants it, this confirmed in an interview with her mother.



Lamb is in the reps (for now).


I suspect Doyle’s facing jail time - He is surrounded by allegations of which some seem to be serious.




Without knowing the circumstances how can you make that judgment about her mother? Malcom Turnbull has never said that about his mother, nor, do I recall, anyone else saying that. Why does no one say that about a father who leaves a marriage?
The UK citizenship laws are mysoginst.
If you are born to a UK citizen mother before 1986, you can apply for UK citizenship - it is not automatic. If, on the other hand you are born to a UK citizen father, it is automatic, provided the parents were married at the time. If they were not married , you can apply for citizenship.


What judgement?




Has it together. That’s how you pull women 15 years your junior while married.






Who would have thought it could come to this. Such an outstanding, composed role model.


I would be more shocked if almost all the pollies weren’t cheating on their spouses.


Thanks for a look behind the glitter curtain. I’m familiar with Miranda’s shameless rambling for cash but I’ve never read the DT’s comment section. Predictably dim echo chamber enlivened by the baring of crooked teeth by Libs v Nats and the odd One Notion dingaling. Lots of “PC ruined Orstralya” too for giggles. Weirdarseshit.


Certainly an easy job to get away with or hide an affair from your spouse given all the travel requirements.


That is a poor thing to post IT. I know dozens of Federal MPs and most have good, strong marriages or relationships. No doubt that working long stretches in Canberra is a toll on family life, but not unlike the sacrifice many workers make to do their jobs. I know you will not believe it but all the MPs I know and others I have met, from all sides of the political spectrum, are good, hard-working people, who love their partners and their kids.

Barnaby is probably the exception. I vividly recall the meeting that I and other Mayors and CEOs from our Region had in Barnaby’s office in Canberra in 2012. Two things were apparent; firstly that Barnaby was crazy as a snake, when his opening remark at our meeting was, “Australia is totally fu cked”, as reference to debt levels from the Rudd Government (wonder what he says now that his Government have them many times higher), and the other observation made not only by me, but the other Mayors, most of whom were Nationals, that all in his Office were young females, all wearing tight white blouses, unbuttoned far enough for their breasts to be on show and short tight navy-blue skirts. Sort of a voyeur workplace uniform, I guess.

Now I saw no evidence of copulation on the desks or meeting table, but it did have a weird atmosphere. Now this was before Vikki came on the scene, but rumours are that he has been “working” very closely with his staff for years.

After the meeting when our Group had adjourned to the bar at Canberra Airport, and we were quite despondent about our lack of progress with any MP during our two day visit. Barnaby was a highlight, but for the wrong reasons