For me it’s not the affair (happens in every sphere) it’s the spruiking by Barnaby of the sanctity of marriage and that a job had to be created at $190,000 a year (taxpayer money) to get her out of his office.


190 plus super.

fk yeah.


I thought that article was going to be tounge in cheek, it’s for real. Good lord. But the comments is where it gets really scary


Geepers man, take a chill pill, it was a joking throw away line.



BTW My line was a joke.


It’s the spectacular fashion it has all unfolded. ■■■■■■■■ the help and knocking her up and then trying to hide her in someone else’s staff with some other sweet gig. Right in character. Subtle and crafty as always.


Piece of advice I received in the Police - Don’t screw the crew.


Again this affair was known before the by-election but nothing was reported back then. Obviously somebody high up figured Barnaby is now expendable.


OK you are probably correct, I am precious about the abuse that Politicians cop.

They do reflect what goes on in society, maybe though to a slightly lesser extent as they are really under scutiny. I still work closely with a couple and the hours they put in are ridiculous.


You can only ever be one thing at a time in the media. Back then he was “Barnaby the dual citizen.” Who was critical of other dual citizens but continued to vote in parliament.


It must have taken a lot of discipline to not report stuff like, say, a daughter driving around in his campaign ute, trashing his campaign over a megaphone.


A lot of rumours that everybody in new england already knew about the affair.
I think one of his daughters was yelling about it during election time at anybody who would listen.


Yes this is exactly what I heard as well but described it in a more subtle fashion above as I wasn’t sure if it was hyperbole.


Judging by his florid, not to say rubicund, complexion, you’d half-expect him to pop a valve at any given moment. Surprised he didn’t do it while on the vinegar strokes, and I assume she was on top for most of the sesh.


And, there it is. The imagery that can’t be unimagined. You monster.


Wtf are vinegar strokes


If that’s the case it does seem as though the MSM protected him at the time. Perhaps they decided the government couldn’t cope with another hit to the gonads during that turbulent period. Not sure why it’s different now. Because Labor might lose Batman? Tune in next time to find out.


Someone? Anyone?


Ok I googled it - thanks for expanding my vocabulary lol.


How good is this? Apparently during the 2016 election the Nationals ran an add of two women chatting and insinuating Tony Windsor was having an affair. They were forced to remove it from the air. It ■■■■■■ off Windor’s family so much his wife didn’t want him to run in the by-election. The brainchild of the ad campaign? Barnaby’s current squeeze.