Here it is:


Really?:grinning: ::rofl:



Not in a good way.


The affair was common knowledge. Newspapers have been insuating for months.

I find the whole thing distasteful and agree with Bacchus on this one and only occasion.

Most politicians work ■■■■■■ hard and I’m not sure anyone deserves this kind of treatment.

He hasn’t murdered anyone and at the end of the day it is a private matter for him and his family/families.


JBarnaby deserves what he gets, he is a sleaze.

The Wife, Daughters and Girl-friend deserve better though


Not when he gives his mistress a plum 200k job it isn’t. If you’re happy to subsidise his relationshop with your taxes then you go right ahead.


Any time!


Appreciated. Always enjoy bringing a little revulsion and gastric reflux into the less fortunates’ lives.


I agree with most if what you say here. But I do take umbrage if a job was given as a result of the relationship instead of merit based.


Yeah, thats the only part I really care about & with so many skeletons in closets, there’s not much chance any party would go hard on simply having an affair. Said it before - the rules on pollies should be very very clear & if they break those rules they should face defined penalties including losing their seats.


As a little more is divulged in a Fairfax article tonight, Sam takes a shot:


Pretty much agree.

It’s kinda frustrating for anyone who actually cares about policy and probity in public life. Joyce has form. He was caught out a few years ago trying to alter Hansard after the fact to avoid being accused of misleading parliament. He’s a proud climate change denier who spouts all the most ludicrously reality-free tropes and refuses to even talk to CSIRO about it. And the stuff he’s pulled over the years with gas exploration rights is beyond dodgy


(Michael West is one of the best investigative journos in the country, so of course Fairfax sacked him)

Joyce and Pauline Hanson (and Clive Palmer) all have something of the same shtick that Joh Bjelke-Petersen used to do. Be so loud and larrikiny and talk all sorts of high-volume bogan bollocks and it means most journos will just laugh at you and write all the ‘haha what a loveable colourful character’ softpedal stories on you and manage to completely give you a pass on being a dyed-on-the-wool crook just cos you give good copy.

Beyond irritating that Joyce, who’s as bent as a slinky in a tornado, is infinitely more likely to go down for cheating on his wife (which is incredibly scummy but not actually illegal) as opposed to all the genuinely shonky stuff he’s pulled or his undoubted incompetence. The media just doesn’t seem to be able to to chase important stuff, by god they’re indefatigable bloodhounds when the scent of salacious trivia is afoot though…


you don’t screw the crew.

just watching the abc. what a load of apologist crap.

joyce wasn’t a colleague of this woman. he was her boss.


Oh wow! That timeline…


“Tripper is replying…” — oh, the anticipation!


I bet plenty of Labor politicians will be telling Sam to shut-up lest this comes back to bite them on the bum personally.
And Sam - giving away government information to Chinese interests is not a lot less. It’s a lot more. Your ‘error of judgement’ impacted Australia. Joyce’s only impacts his family.


Are all the mods trolls now?

Aren’t you guys supposed to lead by example instead of resorting to baiting and abuse?


Free speech!


They might want to get a move on! :grinning:


Barnaby on the brink tonight… and on the brink of being acting prime minister next week while Turnbull visits Uncle Rupert! (no chance that he lasts that long at this rate imo)