Mmmm, … Bacon …


and if I were to tell you his wife’s name was Honey?


Didn’t call their kids Rasher and Streaky did they?? :smirk:


This is like something out of “The Thick of It”.


She is pathetic at the best of times.

This morning it was just fkn sickening.


Kelly O’Dwyer is yet another example of what is wrong with politicians in Australia.
If she had one more brain cell, she would have a pair. Just another useless “I come from a wealthy family” and have a strong sense of my own entitlement parasite, basically defrauding the public purse by drawing a parliamentary wage.
What is worse, she is the member in my electorate where a dog turd could stand as the LIberal candidate and still be elected.


I would rather vote for a dog turd than most of those Liberals.


Because it’s more than 18 months old it doesn’t make it relevant?


Certainly relevant as part of history.


There is so little talent in their ministry. They just fumble and bumble their way through everything. Absolute joke of a government.


This wasn’t some sort of archaic ‘thou shalt not sit facing backwards upon a mule on the sabbath’ long-defunct and irrelevant law that was an obscure national joke buried deep in the law codes that nobody had paid attention to for a hundred years.

This was, in one form or another, the active, relevant, and continually applied (under governments of all parties) national migration policy for decades, right up to the 70s. Hell, even mass Greek/Balkan/Italian immigration post-WWII was seriously controversial on racial grounds.


I’m quite aware of what it was.
But I think we’ve strayed a little from the point.


Trainwreck interview. Uncomfortable viewing http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-04-22/financial-services-minister-kelly-odwyer-refuses/9685158?pfmredir=sm


National Whacking Day!

Now where’s my giant novelty cowboy hat and air horn?!


Haha, Abbott blaming the regulators, not the banks, calling for them to be sacked. He was the one who gutted ASIC’s budget ( restored by Turnbull) and called for greater self- regulation. That has not gone unnoticed by the media.


rolls eyes
The accidental PM needs to realise his fifteen minutes are up.
He was a fantastic wrecker when the Libs needed a wrecker.
You know, kudos for that.
But he couldn’t turn it off.
All he’s ever done or will ever do is wreck. Which is great in an opposition leader, garbage in a PM, and completely garbage as a non-cabinet parliamentarian.

Show some friggin’ humility, like Fraser, Hawke, Keating, hurts to say this but even Rudd, Gillard…
I guess he’s like this because he knows that even learned elder is beyond him.


Kudos for screwing over the country by habitually lying through his teeth & continual misogynistic rhetoric and scaremongering??

Hmmm … :thinking: No, … fk him for that, … fk him to hell.


The PM should have been better than that.
He wasn’t.
When it came to the test, the great orator couldn’t win a parliamentary debate on health against the Liberal party.


Any chance of O’’Dwyer being hauled before the Royal Commission as a former NAB executive?


No chance at all.