POLL - Round 8, 2019, what will we be?


W: GWS, StK, BL, North


Went 5-3 which turned out to be the top of the pops.

Well done Blitz,… so far at least.


Tippa injured as well as Joe and hooker. Shut down the 2019 threads, it’s done. 2020 lid on or off is where it’s at now.


We Are Ess endon
We Are Ess endon…


After seeing the injuries…


2-6 and being patient




Sudden spate of Injuries eh?

Curious that, … :thinking:


I did the Ladder Predictor on the AFL App.
Yes, I predicted results of every game :slight_smile:

Anyhow, I have us 6-2 after 8 Rounds, losing only to the hot Dees, and unable to counter the small ground at the SCG.
Furthermore, I have us sitting in 3rd spot with 2 rounds to play.
Inexplicably, Freo roll us in Perth, then the Pies avenge their ANZAC Day loss to us.
We then fall to 6 at the completion of the H&A, but defeat Geelong easily in the Elim Final.

My Final Ladder…


SCG hasn’t been a small ground for many years. But watered by cheats, hell yes.


Patient (definition): An individual who utilises the services of a hospital or medical practice due to heart ache caused by Essendon FC.



For ■■■■■ and giggles


We will be a fish



I expect more of the same 3-5, but am open to new experiences.


Suns & Carlton?


let’s see where this ends up


still a chance for 7-1


as we are for 0-8 :slight_smile:


I reckon 3-5 but could be 4-4 or even 5-3. If we can regain some of the form we showed late last year and Hooker and Joe back into the side then I think wins are definitely possible against Sydney and Geelong, with St Kilda, Brisbane and North all games you’d think we should be expected to win.

Won’t beat anyone at all playing like we did against GWS, literally nobody, thus I don’t expect to see that or anything close to that poor again.