Considering the loss of goalscoring power we forfeited last year and the probability of more this year, is Porplyzia worth a look for a couple of years.


Turns 29 in late November I think.


Unrestricted Free Agent.

Lol. NO!!!!!!!!!

Yes please.

Good player who’s body was gone 3 years ago… NO!!!

What Nocturnal said. Think he is done for. If we lose Crameri then MAYBE offer a one year deal if we have no one else coming through to play as a 3rd tall.

I’d rather porpous than didak if we had to go that way.

I’d want TIPPA over all of them though

Body's shot. 

I wouldn't mind having a go at him if his contract asking price reflected the amount of football he has been able to play of late. He would be a walk up start to our best 18.

Fork...in him.

What’s the porpoise?

I don’t see any in going down that path!

I wouldn't be opposed to the idea of a fit Porpoise in our team. Just get the feeling that a fit Porpoise isn't gonna happen.

do we get 1 shoulder or both?


I'd rather have Didak if it came down to it. And I'd rather rip Pazza's (I might need mine) testicles off than do that.

no way! we already struggle keeping winderlich on the park, the porpis is just as injury plagued!


like knights that went to richmond 1 good season doesnt make a career

Struggled to get a game with Adelaide and started sub several times. Pass for me too.

Pops his shoulder just by scratching a pimple on his back.  Good player but no.

Tippa a better option ,was a very good forward at power.

Yes get.