Port Match Thread

Poll was fun last week so I’ll do it again.

A. Play at full potential and win
B. Essington 10-12 goal loss
C. Play well but lose honorably
D. Port don’t turn up but Essington does 4 goal loss
E. Beast mode 10 goal win.
F. Essington/Essendon combo win

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C for sure

I’m unusually confident of an eagles style E.

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Play pretty ■■■■ but fall over the line

Sensing B. unfortunately.

Edited :smiley:

Beast mode !!! Lid off
Ryder targetted all match and cracks the sads!

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We seem to alternate good with crap. Last week was good-ish so this week will be crap-ish,

Thought I read “post match thread” at first. Couldn’t wait to see Scotty’s hot take on the game.


The tarps are yet to win in Victoria

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Might be how the ryder trade happened or how koshi sunk the boots in at every opportunity but it definetly feels personal playing port these days.
At this point in time they are in the hawthorne, carlton category for mine…Hated & Despised.

Dons by 10pts…Joey to put in a big one for the family.


No late changes to either side.

Bombers by a point.

G. Red line goes vertical, as per the VFL game.

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Same for me too. Or it could be that stupid song they sing.

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A - feeling confident!!

That’s what I saw too.

I’m going F. First quarter glut of scores for us. Break even second quarter. Lose third quarter badly and steady to win.

I thought they won a flag in 2004 at the “G”

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Lol pedantic. I meant this year


A for mine. I am always confident we are going to be excellent.


on the train. black and red personel look upbeat.

we just win

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