Port Review Thread


Hurley’s efficiency was 75%, Heppell 55%.

Hurley had 24 kicks to Heppell’s 14.

Interpret it however you want but Hurley is not a bad kick like Heppell is.


I didn’t say he was a bad kick. He’s a lovely kick. His lovely kicks, however often get us into trouble rather than out and he takes the wrong option more than not. He gets a lot of cheap possessions, his job is to use those to set us up and he’s not doing that as well as I would like him to.

You may disagree, that’s cool.


David King has praised the performance and example shown by Essendon’s leaders in yesterday’s win over Port Adelaide.

The Bombers bounced back from their disappointing defeat to the Western Bulldogs in Round 3 by beating the Power by 22 points at Etihad Stadium on Sunday.

Two-time North Melbourne premiership player King was impressed by how captain Dyson Heppell performed and loved the game of Michael Hurley who led the backline brilliantly.

“This year in particular, I’ve never seen correlation between the captain’s performance and team success,” King said on SEN Mornings.

“If you want to know how your team’s going, check out the form of your captain. It’s never been more evident.

“The leadership yesterday – Dyson Heppell outstanding, Michael Hurley sensational – and then everyone can player lesser roles.”

King also touched on the role veteran Brendon Goddard played in the win over the previously unbeaten Port.

“Brendon Goddard – I think we’re all critical of Brendon when he has a poorer performance – he was awesome yesterday,” he added.

“His instruction, his preparedness to run, to put his body on the line. I think if you are a player at Essendon, you are going ‘OK, that’s the standard, that’s who we are, that’s the identity’.”

King also gave some insight into how John Worsfold set up his side from a tactical viewpoint to get the better of Ken Hinkley’s Power, highlighting the defensive roles of Hurley and Cale Hooker, after the latter returned to the back six.

“When you talk about the game structurally, when you have two pillars down back, it’s so much more settling for the other four,” he added further.

“When you’ve got Hooker and Hurley there, the other four (defenders) don’t have to be everything, they don’t have to intercept mark.

“They can just control their opponent and they can be creative off the back of their intercept work.

“This game was won by defensively Essendon not allowing Port Adelaide to switch the ball out of their back line.

“It was fantastic to watch and I thought tactically, we don’t give John a lot of credit for anything he does tactically, but that alone for me was the reason why they were so much better defensively.”

Essendon next take on Collingwood on ANZAC Day in nine days’ time on Wednesday, April 25.


Yeah it was working earlier this arvo now borked


DKP says farkorf to Kingy


Yep. Just for a month to try it


Ok numbers nerds have at it.

8 Michael Hurley (Ess)
6 Robbie Gray (PA)
6 Dyson Heppell (Ess)
5 David Myers (Ess)
3 Brendon Goddard (Ess)
2 Zach Merrett (Ess)


Not sure about the cheap positions: he’s often the last man and he is our playmaker, so if even his possessions are cheap, I think it is still kinda justified - he took 15 marks and 9 intercepts possessions, gained 532 metres (game-high).

Though I plan to watch the replay tonight so I’ll keep an eye on Hurley’s decision making, and I’ll try not to put my rose coloured glasses on, heh.


Ooh, tricky, two possible solutions!

Hurley 4+4=8
Gray and Heppel 5+1=6
Myers 3+2=5
Goddard 3
Merrett 2


Hurley 5+3=8
Gray or Heppell 5+1=6
Heppell or Gray 4+2=6
Myers 4+1=5
Goddard 3
Merrett 2


Usually clear cache fixes is it but it didn’t, not even reinstall. Seems it’s not connecting to the subscription. There feedback forum is lighting up with this complaint not. Seems to be across iOS and Android subs.

Fark Telstra are hopeless.


DE without context is just another useless stat.
Ala you could have 15 players by themselves free and kick it to a contest where the opposition has the rest of their 15 players, v our other 2, and technically that’s not considered a ineffective disposal.

some of hurleys disposals are just as downright putrid as hepps. for 2 of our leaders, they are not good by foot anymore.


I think we might have found MEAT.


Reading the play better than everyone else and getting into dangerous spots isn’t getting cheap possessions. Sure he gets the odd one, but if you have it 30 times playing the way he does, you’ve earned them. It’s not like they’re doing the endless kick to kick in the backline like the defenders of a few years back.


Not working for me either, but I’ve never had trouble with it the previous 18months.
Hopefully it’s a one off !


Yep I’ve tried Firefox and Chrome on my pc and even resorted to watching it via th AFL app on my iPad.

Get a load error message fml


Ruckmen are generally your worst ball user. Happy enough for him to hit a target, even if it’s a quick dump handball. Reckon it would be worse to ask TBC to try and overthink it.


They had better have fixed this by the time I’ve finished getting the kids down or I’m going to get cranky.


I got the kids down thought I’d do the same.

Btw none of the matches are loading for me


I had:

Hurley 5 + 3

Gray and Heppel 4 + 2

Myers 5 + 0

Goddard 3 + 0

Merrett 1 + 1


Yes plays highlights etc, but not the game