Port V Dons (Its nearly over) Review - 2020 round 17

Could we have most of the delistings come from the side that lost tonight?

The terrible weather helped us.

Port’s bad kicking at goal helped us.

And the margin was still 50 points…

The good news is one more game until it’s over.

Worst season in the history of this once great club.

Just man up Essendon and start the rebuild NOW!!!


I fell asleep. I literally fell asleep.

Well, it’s exactly what we expected, isn’t it?

Sht result, but not frustratingly sht.


We have the third lowest percentage in the comp, and that is a very accurate reflection of where we are as a club.


Top Goalscorers:

Tom Cutler
Brayden Ham
Dylan Clarke
Darcy Parish

Lol at this football club


Who played well??

1 more game to go before the delistings and gutting starts!

1 more game of the fraud to go

1 more game of watching insipid performances, poor skills and general garbage from essendon

1 more week baby

We are actually in a worse spot now than when worsfold first took over…that takes skill. Well done fraud


Honestly, bottom four team plays top team at their home ground should be about 50 points. Could have been worse. And we started ok.


I thought it would be a much bigger margin considering we are absolute garbage…

50 points in the wet is worth 70 in the dry…with shortened quarters.

Answered zero questions and it should relieve none of the pressure for change.

I watched the Sheedy at the front bar interview, he came into Essendon and changed them, he changed a lot for football as well, we need someone to change this â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  club, some one to go against the grain, someone to make players believe.

Is the club folding or something? I’d say 3 more years of the bolded bit at least.


Guelfi puts his teammates to shame with the effort he puts in

So many players with bad skills and even worse decision making


I think it was an honest reflection of our ability and current standing. What they do from here- coaches, recruitment, delistings etc will be interesting to say the least. No more bullshit “game plan, learnings…”
Time to face the facts & face reality.


locked in a top 7 pick. big tick


Let me guess what is coming up:

“In the first quarter the guys really showed what they can do and I was really proud of that quarter. Unfortunately after that they dropped away a little bit, but I’m sure they learned a lot”

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I would comment on the game plan but I have a feeling they have thrown it out because no one was following any sort of setup.

Players ran to guard space but then didn’t actually guard it. Players would get the ball and then not know what to do with it.

Defenders couldn’t work out if they should play in front or behind, midfielders didn’t work in numbers or shepherd or support eachother or provide options, forwards didn’t exists. Other than a purple patch in the 1st QTR overall pressure was non-existent. No one can really tackle properly (without Mcgrath there to do it).

There is no will to win, no desire to bust a gut, no desire to support each other, no idea what to do, no ability to do anything once they have the ball and no real heart anymore.


Parish and Guelfi tried, Zerrett got it a bit…others…well, 'nuff said.

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JOE FuKiNg DaNiHeR YOU â– â– â– â–