Positional and personnel changes for the rest of the year

Heppell to half back - his skills in the middle are killing us, I think with less inside work he will be able to utilise his skills a bit better. Is fantastic overhead, never shirks a contest, can lead us ala Luke Hodge off a HBF

Clarke to inside mid - Is really the only pure inside big mid that we have who is not a HFF or HBF. Is physically ready for AFL. Is dominating VFL. His skills are fine. His lack of speed won’t be an issue as he is a pure ball winner and distributor so will thrive in the AFL. (Zach will love him in the side)

Myers to the VFL - It’s time to quit persisting with Dave, exceptional leader, but just is not part of our future.

Langford to the AFL - Myers’ spot. He’s earnt it, he deserves it and it’s it’s his spot. Give him an extended period in the AFL and he will show he is up to it.

Laverde to HFF/Mid - Begley out injured. It’s LAV’S spot to lose now. Like for like there’s not better player to replace Begley, and I suspect his output will be greater than Begley’s too

Clarke, Langford and Laverde will add much needed size and youth to our side


Not to mention Connor McKenna back into the side for Baguley. I’ve always rated Bags, he always gives his all, but it’s time to move on and let the young guys make this their team.


Baguley as a defensive fwd pocket while all our small forwards are injured.

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I think if we swap some deck chairs around then we should probably just make it to New York.


Just need to avoid the fark Carlton and Brisbane icebergs?

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