Post-draft Best 22


Plus Bonar and Sambono in mine.


So you’re saying we go from playing 3 tall backs and 3 tall forwards in 2017 to just 2 tall forwards and 2 tall backs in 2018?

I think Ambrose or Hartley are a must in the 22. Otherwise you have Hooker and Hurley having to both play accountable roles down back. In this case, Hooker can never swing forward, or Hurley can’t play the intercepting back who sets up play which made him AA this year. Which means Stewart WILL get increased attention every week and I don’t think he will cope with this. If he ends up providing nothing you then make life very tough for JD.


Maybe they’re hinting at Schache? He’s 199cm.


I did look at his hitout stats earlier: he’s never played ruck and/or he’s rubbish at it.


I am naming a side based on speed and mobility, I agree that Ambrose or Hartley would need to come in when we were playing sides who would would be able to out muscle Gleeson as our third tall and be damaging goal kickers, but playing this years premier, I wouldn’t want a slow oversized back-line, who couldn’t keep up with their small forwards or get the ball out quickly and accurately.

I don’t like leaving Hooker out of the forward line either, but we are looking at bolstering our back line as well has having a potent attack. I worry we could sacrifice too much forward defensive pressure if we had Stringer in and didn’t have another had running small like Green to provide fast defensive pressure. Loosing Hookers strength, marking power and ability to get the ball to the ground is a minus, but Stringer will hopefully have more x-factor and we looked ■■■■■■ good this year with Raz, Walla and Green playing forward. I have put Stewart at full forward because he earned respect this year and could be our Jenkins, but if Franga gets his mojo and can run out the game, I would be tempted to bring him in instead and he and Hooker could potentially swap back and forward.


Nah fark it.

Saad Ambrose hurley
Conor hooker Gleeson

Zaha hepp McGrath
Tbell zerret parish

Smith Stewart Fanta
Stringer JD tippa

Langford Begley bj bags


Nah mines better bro

Baguley - Hartley - Gleeson
McKenna - Hurley - Saad
Fantasia - Heppell - Smith
Stringer - Daniher - Tippa
Stewart - Hooker - Green
Bellchambers - Z.Merrett - McGrath

Goddard - Parish - Zaharakis - Someone Else (Begley, Ambrose, Laverde, Mutch etc)

Fanta in the midfield with still a very productive forwardline makes me extremely happy in the pants


I don’t mind that team. But:

(a) I’m not convinced about Hartley. He needs a big off-season to get ahead of Ambrose
(b) I’m not convinced about a forwardline of Daniger, Hooker, Stewart and Stringer. But I think it’s worth a try. If Stringer can spend 50% or more time in midfield, it will be a big win. Plus Hooker could have small stints in the backline. I’d also hope Stewart can do the rucking instead of Daniher.


Bags - Hartley - Saad
McKenna - Hurley - Goddard
McGrath - Heppel - Zaka
Smith - Daniher - Fantasia
Tippa - Hooker - Stewart

Tbell - Merrett - Stringer

Parish - Colyer - Ambrose - Green


Potential end of 2018 season best 22

This 22 is based on players reaching their potential, with an emphasis on speed, mobility and versatility.

If we had a fit Francis who has found his mojo, this would create the possibility of being able to switch him forward and back with Hooker. I love the insane amount of speed and running power in this side, and there is a lot of capability for other players to go forward and back too, as well as play mid.

Stewart is my most unlucky omission and Francis would have to be playing very well to keep him out, but Francis ability to intercept mark and go back and bring Hooker forward would make the side a lot more flexible.

B: Saad - Ambrose - Hurley

HB: McKenna - Hooker - Gleeson

C: McGrath - Parish - Zaharakis

HF: Stringer - Daniher - Fantasia

F: Walla - Francis - Green

R: Tbell - Heppell - Merrett

I: Smith - Langford - Goddard - Colyer

Emerg: Stewart, Lav, Bags, Begley, Hartley, Brown, Ridley, Myers


If Essendon snare Saad and Stringer, then these two plus Smith will mean enormous pressure will be on Laverde and Langford in 2018 just to get a game.

Make or fade away time in 2018 for the two “L’s”


Come on - no room for Gleeson?


It’s Ambrose or Gleeson for mine … who would you change?




You remember when Lucas went and played CHB for a year and was awesome… but then got moved back to CHF.

I just wonder if Hookers story will be similar but in reverse.

Tall backs : Hurley Hooker Francis

Tall forwards : Daniher Stewart Stringer

Ruck : TBC

That is potentially an extraordinarily strong set of talls.


Saad Hooker Gleeson
McKenna Hurley Francis
Zaharakis Heppell Mcgrath
Smith Daniher Raz
Tippa Stringer Laverde
Leuy Merrett Parish

Starting 18


I’m certainly not inclined to have Green or Hartley.


Baguley Hurley Saad
McKenna Ambrose Gleeson
Zerrett Heppell Zaha
Stringer Daniher Smith
Tippa Hooker Fanta

Bellcho Parish Langford

Goddard Stringer Colyer McGrath

Like most I’m unsure, but I think I take Ambrose in the side over Stewart - which points towards Hooker staying forward. Hooker/Daniher/ Stringer gives a nice balance of sizes and styles too.

Certainly have options, Hartley + Stewart in reserves, plus Brown, Francis, Ridley & Leuney.

Begley, Myers, Lav as the next lot of mids.


My 22:

FB: Hurley, Ambrose, Saad
HB: McKenna, Hooker, Gleeson
C: McGrath, Parish, Zaharakis
HF: Fantasia, Daniher, Stringer
FF: Smith, Stewart, McDonald-Tipungwuti
FOL: Bellchambers, Heppell, Merrett
INT: Goddard, Langford, Baguley, Begley

Emergencies: Myers, Colyer, Laverde, Green, Francis all rotating through depending on injuries.

I have loved Hooker forward this year, and never wanted him back once we saw what he could do and how much support and benefit to our structure he provided. Having said that, next year i think i would prefer him back. Daniher and Stewart is enough to hold the forward line together when you consider that one or more of Langford, Laverde, Stringer or Begley, all good sizes, will be in there as well. These guys should all be pushing to play midfield minutes as well as forward.

In addition to that, i really don’t want Hartley in the team honestly. Just don’t see it with him, and think Hooker back strengthens the defense and makes us so much better down there. We have plenty of fire power up forward, with Stringer and Smith to contribute plenty up there when resting plus what we already have.

With natural improvement from McGrath and Parish, and hopefully Langford and Laverde, and of course the additions of Stringer and Smith to play midfield minutes, i think that puts us in a good spot to rebuild our midfield.

We will have a list capable of top 4 i have no doubt about that if some of our younger fringe players take it up a notch, and we start playing to our best more consistently.


Hurley. Hartley. Gleeson.

McKenna. Ambrose. Saad.

Bellchambers. Z Merret. Parish.
McGrath. Heppell. Smith.

Fantasia. Daniher. Stringer.

Tipungwuti. Hooker. Stewart.


Inside mids

Inside / Outside mids
Z Merret

If you include Tipungwuti and Fantasia that is 12 players who can rotate through the middle. Thats about what you need. McKenna may be another 12 months away but…he may get some wing time in 2018.

Hepp, Langford, Zerret, Darcy, McGrath, Smith and Zakka carrying the biggest midfield load.

Goalkickers who play through middle

Mid / Defenders who can play behind the ball
Zerret (can put him in both camps but with our fwd weopons I would like him linking up behind the ball).

I also have a really strong gut feel we will end up with Schache. In that case Schache plays FF and Hooker takes Hartleys spot down back.