Post-draft Best 22


I’m backing him in to return to form - think he struggled this season after missing a big chunk of footy. Same goes with Colyer.


If they do return to form it will be a massive turnaround.

Full credit to them if they do.


B: Saad, Ambrose, Gleeson
HB: Goddard, Hurley, Francis
C: McKenna, Zerrett, Zaharakis
HF: Stringer, Daniher, Smith
F: Stewart, Hooker, Fantasia
R: Bellchambers, Heppell, Parish
IC: Tippa, McGrath, Begley, Langford


No McGrath?


Oh ■■■■!
I moved him about 3 times and then forgot to put him back in.


B: Saad, Hartley, Francis
HB: Baguley, Hurley, McKenna
C: Zaharakis, Heppell, Merrett
HF: Smith, Daniher, Parish
F: Fantasia, Hooker, Tippa
R: Bellchambers, Mcgrath, Stringer
I/C: Goddard, Stewart, Myers, Mutch

  • Stringer can go forward and swing Hooker back, when defence needs help
  • Francis has more potential and better built for third man defense than Gleeson
  • Baguley/Hartley need to be in side for balance of intercept/lockdown defenders
  • Myers covers big body inside mid fir when stringer goes forward, although Laverde and Langford are challenging him
  • Mutch could be developed as a wing/half back player, too good for the twos, great kick on both sides of his body
  • Zaka, Mcgrath, Merrett, Parish and Smith are all interchangeable


■■■■, this is hard.


I know, I’m pretty aroused by that side as well.


Baguley, Ambrose, Gleeson
McKenna, Hurley, Saad

Smith, Zerrett, McGrath

Begley Daniher, Fantasia
Walla, Hooker, Stewart

Bellchambers, Heppell, Langford

Parish, Goddard, Laverde, Stringer

Backline: Baguley & Ambrose to lockdown, Hurley & Gleeson to intercept, Saad & McKenna to run and carry.

Midfield: we can do better but I think we are okay here. We just need to be defensively accountable. I think apart from Heppell, McGrath and Parish, the rest can play forward (Zaharkis, Smith, Stringer, Laverde, Langford, Zerrett, and Begley).

Forward: Stringer is seemingly going to play midfield, so that is why I put Begley in at HFF. I think if Stewart steps up with the ability to kick about 50 goals, Hooker will go back as long as it does not affect Daniher. Fantasia and Stewart should benefit greatly from having Stringer in forward when he goes there.

Don’t know how Francis can get in. Perhaps when Goddard retires or Gleeson gets injured. I hope to see someone forces Baguley out, like McNeice.

With this side, a spot lower than 6th will be very disappointing.


Anyone done a best 22 vfl side? That will show how far we’ve come


Francis needs an opportunity down back, if he doesn’t get it he will leave and we will get nothing, if he stars down back next year and still wants to leave at least we get something valuable in return and getting games under his belt next season will only increase his value more than what he’s worth now whether he stars or not imo! If we didnt believe in him he would of been traded.


agreed. It’s very easy to pick a very good best 22 without even considering Francis, Langford, Laverde or anyone younger (apart from McGrath).
One positive is that if we play to our potential next season and a few of the youngsters come on as hoped, we’ll probably be in a position to trade away 2 or 3 players if they want to leave and really be in a strong position in the draft.


The problem for Myers is, he is not going to get any quicker.


Myers also has a tendency to try find his left foot in congestion, but id still say he’s slightly better than Langford and Laverde, only slightly


Redman, Brown, McNiece
Ridley, Francis, Morgan
Long, Clarke, Mutch
Laverde, McKernan, Colyer
Begley, Draper, Green
Leuenberg, Myers, Langford
Jerrett, Bird, Howlett, Dea

Not a bad team.

Becomes clearer which 3 are likely to go.


Baguley, Hartley, Saad
Gleeson, Hurley, McKenna
Zaka, Parish, Smith
Stewart, Daniher, Stringer
Fantasia, Hooker, Tippa
TBell, Heppell, Zerrett
Goddard, Ambrose, McGrath, Begley/Langford



Baguley - Ambrose - Saad
Gleeson - Hurley - Francis
McGrath - Parish - Zaharakis
Stringer - Hooker - Smith
Fantasia - Daniher - Tippa
Bellcho - Heppell - Merrett
Stewart - Goddard - McKenna - Begley


McNeice - Hartley - Dea
Morgan - Brown - Ridley
Mutch - Langford - Colyer
Laverde - McKernan - Howlett
Jerrett - Draper - Green
Looney - Myers - Clarke
Bird - Morgan - Long - Draft picks etc etc


at least 2 of the blokes in that VFL team will be delisted sometime in the next week


McKenna Hooker Saad
Gleeson Hurley Ambrose
McGrath Zerret Zaharakis
Smith Stewart Stringer
Walla Daniher Fantasia
Bellchambers Heppell Parish
Goddard Begley Myers Colyer
Emg: Green Laverde/Langford Brown/Francis


We need his ‘big body’ to ‘protect the kids.’