Post Election Statement - Paul Young

Firstly, I would like to congratulate Paul and David on their win and being elected to the Essendon FC Board.

Over the year’s I have been involved in a number of elections, consequently I was under no illusions how slim my chances of being elected were.
My chance rested on convincing a large number of the silent majority who don’t normally vote to see that I was offering a different message and decide in this election to vote.

There is no point sugar-coating the result, my personal vote and more importantly to total number of votes was
disappointing especially compared with the total vote in 2014.

However, in staring this campaign my objective was to create a space for the voice of the ordinary member, I
am please I have opened a conversation about the social mix of the Board, a Board that is truly reflective of the membership in order that their decisions are more aligned with the views of the membership.
A conversation that has been started with the door of this discussion left slightly ajar for a continued debate
sometime in the future.

As for me, my immediate priority is to get to as many games as possible and cheer on the team, to attend as
many functions or events as I can afford and thus financially support the club.

I expect that I will voice my opinion on issues just like many other members and it’s not in my nature to sit
silent if I see a wrong or injustice occur.

In regards future elections, I will have to decide if I want to stand again when the relevant period occurs.
I am disappointed with the two members who were elected in 2014, so my initial thoughts go to who might
stand in 2017.
I am however reminded by the famous “Last Statement” made by Richard Nixon after losing to Pat Brown in the 1962 California Gubernatorial (Governor) elections “You won’t have ■■■■ Nixon to kick around anymore”
only to make a comeback and win the 1968 USA Presidential election.

Finally, I would like to thank the members and supporters who have encouraged me and given me moral support over the last few months, let’s hope we all look forward to a successful year in 2016.

Thanks Paul,

On behalf of Blitz, and more broadly the Essendon supporter group, thank you for putting yourself forward for election. The more decent candidates willing to get involved, the better the likely outcomes for the club.

All the best.

I hope you do stand again next year, Paul. You’ve my vote if you do.

Have a happy Christmas and prosperous New Year.

Did the club act on your complaint about people smoking shisha pipes at games?