Post Game - Round 1

What a sight to behold. The new blood in the club has certainly made a difference.


But what I enjoyed most tonight was the ferocity of the tackling. They stuck and they looked like they hurt!


Great win first up. Great to see the club up and about.

Happy to be very wrong with my north by 6 goals prediction

Did Dal Santo play?

Well done boys, very proud.


ball tearing win....wasnt confident going in....but more than happy beat Norf


well done boys

Wat the Fark did I tell ya fellassssssssssssss

How did that happen.


Fark North.


Fark Everyone.

When did boomer get subbed on I didn’t see him until he turned it over im the 4th

Hooker, Myers and jack merett was amazing.

The stars killed it for us. The inside 50 to goal ratio wasn’t good though.


The regular whipping boys deserve a ■■■■■■■ huge shout: Hurls, Hooker, Hardy, Stants, half the ■■■■■■■ team! Give them some credit. The pressure was fantastic. 

Wat the Fark did I tell ya fellassssssssssssss


Admit I though we might struggle tonight, happy to be wrong. Winders, Dempsey to force there way back into a strong team.


Thought we did most things well.


First clip unlatched on the lid.


OK sorry for all caps but this is next level. I missed out on the one thing I prayed for (match thread) but so worth it. How good. I mean how good. We are in GOOD nick. 

Geez that was a world away from the Port Nab game.


Chapman and Goddard just showed their class around goal tonight. Unbelievable.

Watson & Hocking in the middle were sensational.

Our movement out of the backline was sensational.

I just can’t believe the difference in style of play compared to preseason. We refused to bomb it forward.

Liked Ambrose aggression at the ball in his leads.

Anyone else well up in the eyes a bit after the game? I did. These blokes are my heroes and I'll stand by them!!!!! Go Bombers!!