Powdered alcohol

I hope this stuff never gets approval.




	Powdered alcohols fail to get approval
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<div>Powdered tequila isn‘t going to be happening any time soon.</div>

	Apr 22, 2014 10:21AM<div>

DON‘T expect powdered alcohol to hit store shelves anytime soon.

A product called “Palcohol” gained widespread media attention in recent days after it was reported that the US Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau approved the powdered alcohol, including vodka and rum varieties.

But a representative for the federal agency told AP that the approvals were issued in error.

Subsequent questions emailed to Tom Hogue, a representative of the agency, were not immediately answered. But in an email message, Palcohol‘s parent company Lipsmark said it will resubmit the labels for approval.

“We don‘t have an expected approval date as label approval can vary widely,” the message said.

Multiple varieties of Palcohol received “label approval” on April 8, according to the website for the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau.

Palcohol said in an email at around 5pm eastern time that the approvals were surrendered “a few hours ago.”

Earlier in the day, the company had said in an email that its founder Mark Phillips was travelling and unavailable for an interview. It said it wasn‘t releasing any information on distribution or pricing, and the company‘s website provided no details on how it makes powdered alcohol.

On its website, Palcohol says it plans to offer six varieties of powdered alcohol, including vodka, rum and four cocktails — Cosmopolitan, Mojito, Powderita and Lemon Drop. The site says that a package weighs about an ounce and can fit into any pocket. It warns people that the powder should not be snorted.

According to the site, Phillips came up with the idea because he is an “active guy” and wanted a way to enjoy an adult beverage after long hours hiking, biking or camping without having to carry around heavy bottles.






It warns people that the powder should not be snorted.


That's like waving a red flag at a bull. It's gonna happen. And people will die doing it. Reminds me of alcopops. Stupid idea. 

Imagine football matches, especially against feral clubs...fark that for a joke, filth and scum supporters can be bad enough, the only thing that stops them getting wasted is the price of booze at the games, thankfully the dole doesn't pay well.

Just what we need.

You're all sticks in the mud. 


Who hasn't wanted to snort a slab in ten minutes, king hit a bloke, pass out and probably farking die?


Awesome idea.

I snort a bunch of stuff, but I prefer to drink alcohol.

I doubt the basic premise.


This is probably some scam... a few weeks late for April Fool's day.

As a pretty big drinker, I literally can't see anything good about this.


It will undoubtedly taste like ■■■■, and the only conceivable reason for buying it is to smuggle alcohol into places where you're not meant to have alcohol.

rack em up