Practice match v Dees Casey Fields Friday 21 Feb 2020 @ 2pm

Yep the Dees game makes it 3. Which is the perfect amount IMO, Pies going 4 seems unnecessary.

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No experimenting,no “lets give the young guys a go” etc.

We put in our best side possible don’t care it’s just a practice match the team needs to learn the value of winning.

I don’t think you can say it’s 3 practice games. The first one is an either/or. The whole list, subject to fitness, plays either at Casey or in WA. That’s how the wording reads………Casey game is for “those not required for Marsh series”.
So no-one will play 3 games.

Either way I want us to play to win.

Also I would get Truck to coach the practice game and the Marsh series.

I think the Casey game will be a real mixed bag. Guys like Jones, Cahill, Bryan and McBride and McQueen
will get to play a full game, but may be nursed a bit eg 3 qtrs., seeing we have had so little match play at training so far (still 2 wks to game). Guys like Ham, Ridley, Clarke, Begley etc will be full steam. Maybe Hooker plays a quarter or two.
Then there might be a bit of experimentation with the NT guy (Lockyer?), and a variety of players under consideration for the vfl list. For example, ruck will be Bryan plus a fill in. Jones will be the only KP forward we will have. Maybe Ridley the closest to a KP defender.
Assuming Melbourne do something similar, you won’t want to be reading too much into who wins.


So Joey will play, but Mitch and Shaun won’t be there. Still worth a look.

Seems a hell of a lot more numbers on the track now than a month ago.

Just wanted to confirm - 2pm at Casey Fields on 21Feb? Yes?

Also, Casey Fields, Any link to the supposed corrupt Casey Council shenanigans?

Yup. City of Casey.

Will Casey Bennetto be there?

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I hope so, I need to see some ‘clients’ out that way on Friday afternoon.

Man, what are the odds?

I’m trying to do something similar.

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The reality of course is that the doom merchants on this site will have a field day.


Watch Blitz turn if we get smashed.

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So whose going to cover it for us? :grinning:

If you can’t be corrupt whilst on the council I see no point of getting the gig.


@Tombob, @Hoffy, @theDJR… commentary box is staler than the Nine cricket team.


Whats the public transport like from Cranbourne station?

The Tobin brothers.


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