Pre Game Bombers catch up vs Shitney

Hey fellow Blitzers
After a bit of back & forth the NSW Bombers are meeting at the beer garden of Watson’s Pub in the Moore Park entertainment quarter and are always happy to share a drink & talk everything Essendon with fellow supporters

Watson’s EQ

I’m aiming to be there sometime between 5-6pm but there’ll be plenty of red n black around anyway
PM me if you need further info or directions and I’ll give you my mobile no

Without going too deep into my hatred of not so much the Swans, but their soft ■■■■ fairweather supporters, having lived in Sydney for about 40 years including since the early 80’s. I really hope one day we can get back to expecting a win when we rock up to the SCG. The past decade and a half have been as painful as a barbed wire enema and the umpiring here has been well documented on BB as the most corrupt we’ve ever had to endure.
It’s really been way too long for us NSW Bombers to not witness an Essendon win here. The last time was 2009 when Winderlich kicked a few, Lloydy was skipper & Knights the coach
Yeah sure we scraped over the line in 2020 but that was a Covid lockout game

Would love nothing else than for the boys to bring that same offensive energy we saw last week vs Hawthorn
Spoiler alert - if the game is in the balance midway thru last quarter, be prepared for the maggots to step in and impact the outcome accordingly

Go Bombers :red_circle: :bomb::red_circle::bomb:


Thanks for that. Depending on how the day pans out we may pop in - always great to be in a bar filled with re & black allies pregame when you’re interstate.
Have only ever been to one game at the SCG and felt scarred for a long time afterwards- yes, that final.
Your preview is spot on. God I hope we can bury them.
Go Bombers.


Do us proud Bomber Supporters. We are a sneaky chance!

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Keen for this! Also, what bay are people sitting in? Got Bay 2 here

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Yeah same Bay 2 away supporters at Paddington end. The Rohan / Gleeson goal end not the Rampe post climb end :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Bay 4.
Hoping to be surrounded by plenty of red & black

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We sure are, and if that’s the case refer my last sentence of OP


@wasaharvsfanasakid officially Lid Off


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I will be at the game but going with my kids so the pre game bar might be tough.

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I went to game Vs Sydney at the SCG a couple of years ago (pre-covid) and I was staggered by how many bombers supporters there were and how much more into the game they were then the Swans fans. It’s a great fanbase use have got up there!


We are so cursed at the SCG. Good luck to all who go, I hope there is some pleasure.

I think we have only beaten them up there when there were no fans in attendance right?

Make sure to have a gozleme for me in that new grandstand behind the goals.

whos going to climb a goal post to throw our last line defender over the goal line for a non-free


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I moved to Sydney 12 years ago and have never seen us win. The time we won during COVID no crowd was allowed. A lot of heartbreak…

My fave moment over the journey was eavesdropping some Eastern suburbs ladies on the champas. The type that cheer behinds and have NFI what’s going on. Bomber Thompson comes on the big screen.

“Oh my god, is that James Hird?”
“I thought he was cuter than that!”


Can’t wait!!
Sitting in Bay 2 too!