Pre Game Discussion: Round 1 vs North Melbourne

Thought it would be a good idea to try and change the Blitz division by starting a discussion around footy. You know, that game of 22 blokes running around against another 22 blokes trying to kick a leather ball through a couple of big sticks. 


Congrats to Dusty on a magnificent career and hope the boys are able to lift and get us tonight. Jobe to have 35, kick a couple for 3 Charlie votes.


Looking forward to seeing Zerret getting a run, his tackling in the forward half looked a class above anyone else in the team in the praccy matches.


Overall, with them missing Swallow in the middle, we'll be a touch too strong win by 3 goals. 



These charity cases always lift for us. North by 6 goals

Good work.

I fully expect it to go down to the wire.


My voice is going to be sooo stuffed my half time. If Petrie gets a soft free in front of goal and you see a skinhead going nuts behind the goals it's probably me!

Wasn’t confident.

ASADA SAGA back in the papers- am now.

Dons by 71

Funny how people have forgotten the controversy=good game link. Must-win game, to keep my niece quiet.

I don't think recent events will have any impact on the outcome.


North by 30 points. We'll kick 5.16

Dons to go bang - Joe kick many goal - 109 points

I think we’ll have FAR more inside 50’s than North.

we’ll go in dry tonight.

Dons by 8 goals.

If you’ve got an essendon supporting mate or 3 that don’t want to come, farking make them tonight and let’s get around the boys.

Hoping for a win.

Oh and if Joe kicks a bag and goes the big fist pumping ‘fark you’ to the camera in celebration, lid will be off.

Dons by 35.

Jobe with 37 and 2 goals, Goddard 29 and Chappy with 4.

That North side doesn’t scare me all that much.

I still believe our spread of talent over the whole 22 shades theirs (even with us having more out).

Even with our experimental forward set up, I’m expecting our midfield to fashion a winning score.

Hoping we can keep them to around 100pts though.

Essendon 17.13.115

Nth Melb 15.11.101

Sounds about right.

You’ll all be quoting that score prediction at games end !

Let’s go Roo shooting !!!

15.6.90 Dons
10.7.67 Norf
Petrie to kick 6

15.6.90 Dons
10.7.67 Norf
Petrie to kick 6

From free kicks.

Honest man on man accountable football will beat north tonight. It always does these days.

I hope we don’t muck around with Spares tonight and give them one down back.

We shade them for talent. Give everyone a man and we will win more contests they them.

They have an edge in speed so winning first use and valuing possession are very important

BJ on Dal