Pre-Game Entertainment Idea

Not sure if this has been posted.


Let’s get LOUD

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only if it drops a bomb on the fark carlton cheer squad.

and the commentary box if lingy good bloke ™ is calling.

Knowing the AFL, they would schedule the roof closed at Etihad.


Reserves football.



Without being to critical our game does suffer for atmosphere when compared to sports overseas.

For mine the EPL is the best energy I have felt at any sport and they don’t even do entertainment.

Americans obviously do a lot of the flashy stuff but it actually feels like a part of the spectacle and really works.

When we introduce this type of thing for mine it’s just cringe worthy.

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Never Tear Up Our Tarps?

How dare you. Never seen the stupid Americans with a blue bat car! STRAYA MATE!!!



I loved it when we got meatloaf.

Synchronise the VFL season with the AFL season as best you can and plays the magoos before the seniors. Easy.

The flashy, commercial parlour tricks can FRO.


Yep. Certainly don’t need to fkn “Big Bash” our game. It is entertaining enough in itself.

If that’s not good enough, or you need more, you’re in the wrong venue. or have no idea of what real sport is, and should go to a Circus instead.

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Was it a special occasion ?, surely even the American’s wouldn’t do that for a home and away game.

Looked pretty awesome, and that they were cheering halfway through their national anthem (never heard that before) it must of been.

Would love the return of the curtain raiser but can’t see it happening.

I would like to bottle some of the atmosphere from the EPL and bring it over here.

For the “Rose Bowl”. I can’t imagine what that fly over cost.

I only know Superbowl, have not heard of ‘Rose Bowl’ but guessing it’s big.

No I can’t image how much it would of cost either, will just say lot’s and lot’s :slight_smile:

Years ago I tongue in cheek suggested an F18 flyover at every home night game would be great.

IIRC, about 30 seconds worth of lighting up the afterburners would eat all profit from game attendance.

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cannons, midgets and massive trampolines.

St Kilda have tried that


all at once?