Pre-Match vs Gold Coast (MS) - Team Talk/Selections/Thoughts


  • Won 3 out of 4 on the road this year
  • Won comfortably in our last game at Metricon
  • Gold Coast have lost 9 in a row
  • No Tom Lynch, amongst others
  • No break advantage (both sides played on Sunday)
  • Fine/dry weather forecast for the game
  • Night game (4-2 record in night games this year)
  • Potential return for Fantasia & will we see Francis in the big league for the first time in 2018?


  • Tendency to drop games against so called ‘lesser’ sides
  • Will Fantasia (amongst others) return for this game?
  • Coming off a tough, grinding game
  • Ambrose (hamstring) won’t be there & Stringer (calf) would be doubtful

Predicted changes? Thoughts?


In Dea, Fantasia (hopefully), Francis
Out Ambrose, Colyer, McNiece

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Who cares. Won’t matter. We will still play a side that thinks we can make up the numbers

Time to give Clarke another go

And obviously Francis


Out long.

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They’re in all sorts at the moment. Absolutely overdue a win.

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Fair enough. Looks like any finals chances took a massive hit today against the Pies… but…

Let’s end the year on a good note and not finish in a shambolic mess like others (2008, 2010, 2012, 2013) … set a high expectation winning culture for 2019.

Apart from 20 minutes against the Pies (10 in the first & 10 in the last) we were highly competitive against a side currently sitting 2nd. We lost narrowly (which was naturally disappointing) but I’ve seen us lose games in far worse fashion than that.

Finals might be too much to ask but we all love winning so let’s go on with it.


We should win this, changes or not.

Obviously Ambrose is forced, perhaps bring in Francis to go forward and brown back to replace ambrose.

apart from that no changes really. (unless raz is back then long out)

May likely to be missing also after getting caught whacking Higgins in the gut from behind

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Play some kids PLEASE!!


none of them will get a call up because they got dusted by the richmond vfl.

Scrappy 14 point win HERE WE COME


Time to thoroughly rotate the list, and give some guys a taste before a massive preseason for next year.

Francis, Clarke, Mutch and Ridley need to all get games over the next few weeks.

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We will get out by 35 in the 3rd and look like running away with it before coughing up six goals to turnovers and will scrap it out for a brave victory



No chance of finals. Play the 2020 team

That’s it.

Trav was truly horrible today.

Obviously, the lack of match fitness, given his long injury absence is affecting him, however, he seems to be way off the pace. Where has the zip - his main asset - gone? He has had a couple of games now, but isn’t offering anything. Nothing. Zilch. Depending on team balance, etc, I would be tempted to drop him for next week’s game vs the Suns.

Ambrose hammy…Franga, surely it’s time?

They would be the two most likely changes.

p.s. Longy stays in. Was OK today.

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■■■■ it

They’ve got Carlton in two weeks at Metricon.

They can save their ‘overdue’ win for them.

Their losses at Metricon this year have been by 85, 2 & 39 points. I could see all three scenarios on the cards for us.