Pre-Match vs Gold Coast (MS) - Team Talk/Selections/Thoughts


We should win easily but won’t smash them.


GC were pretty good at putting the brakes on North once it was clear they were hopelessly outclassed.
You’d have expected a 16 goal win around quarter time.
Ended up being 6.

How I’ll feel about the result depends very much on the team that’s named.


Stringer also out?


Four weeks


IMO we just have to play people who are 100% fit. Cannot afford to have another player blow up during the game.


Whilst I don’t se “it” with Long, him and Mcniece may as well stay in the side.

Forget finals, we aren’t making it! So lets see who we can take forward into 2019, I wouldn’t mind seeing Mcneice push up a bit and see what he can do with a bit of midfield time.

Essentially both are prob playing for a list spot next year.


What Should Happen
In: Francis, Ridley, Parish, Clarke, Green
Out: Ambrose (inj), MCNeice, Stringer(inj), Myers, Colyer

What will happen
In: Dea, Parish
Out: Ambrose, Stringer


Backs (1 on bench)
mcneice, saad, mckenna
hooker, hurley, azzafrazza

fanta, tippa, brown,smack, bags, [resting mid]

hepp, merrett, smith, parish, mcgrath, myers, guelfi, langford, long

In Francis, Parish, Fanta
Out Ambrose, Stringer, colyer

edit - arhhg forgot about Dea!


Eyes forward.#DonTheSash

— Essendon FC (@EssendonFC) July 8, 2018
I'm thinking this may mean he'll be taking Stringer's role in the forward line?

If that’s the case, then Francis gets the Hurley role in the backline?


I think we will see conservative decisions

Raz even if he gets himself right they will hold over one more week. Zerrett if only just comes up will be held over.

Myers battled all game and can’t possibly be right. Training reports had him saying he’s no good.

Ambrose and Stringer already ruled out

OUT: Ambrose, Myers, Stringer, Zerrett ??
IN: Hartley, Parish, Francis/Stewart, Clarke ??

I just don’t see us playing Hurley or Francis or Dea on a 198cm/102kg Crossley or 203cm Wright. Will need Hooker & Harts in.


“What should happen” and “Green IN”
Should never be used together!


That was tweeted on Sunday night. I don’t know what they’re trying to say but I don’t think it would have anything to do with selection this week.


Whale oil beef hooked!

If that happens with Hurls fwd for Stringer & Francis 3rd tall that makes this GC game all the more interesting.

Blitz been bleating about finding a way to fit Francis in. This may be it. And in his preferred spot.


Although I’d prefer neither, I think I’d rather Francis forward than Hurley forward.


Even though I would love big red to come in, Hartley has been playing very well. He can take the deepest tall a roost it out. On the weekend he did a kick out that almost hit the bulls eye of the center square. 23 disposals and as many iron fists. You wouldn’t have him play often along side Hooker but this week there are two super talls in the Suns forward line


Would rather Francis in the backline myself. I want the guy to get consistency in his game. If he plays back in the VFL then I want him playing back in the AFL

Hopefully he replaces Ambrose

Stewart can replace Stringer. That way he can get the 2nd or 3rd defender



Mainly as Francis a bigger marking threat fwd but also as he can/has pinch hitted in midfield so as far as replacing what Stringer does he’s more like for like.

But in saying that they may want to ensure easiest transition into senior team and also Hurley a very smart experienced player so will be more aware of maintaining fwd structure / resetting etc. which is also something Stewart was not doing.

Nothing stopping Francis / Hurls switching through game either which is handy.


For once I would like to sit in front of my tv watching Essendon cruze to an easy win


hurley forward frang back would be the most bittersweet way to bring frang in


Paging @Paul_Peos . you’re needed here.