Pre-Match vs Gold Coast (MS) - Team Talk/Selections/Thoughts


I think both gc 2nd and 3rd defender are injured.


While I would like us to belt Gold Coast I can’t see it happening not with relying on two VFL plodders in Brown and McKernan our fwd line is VFL standard atm with Stringer missing and Raz in doubt.

This game will be like every other game against ■■■■ sides a scrappy,low scoring game with Essendon scooting away to a 20 point win.


You feel we will do poor against NEAFL?


That’s what I’m worried about they pushed North for majority of the game last week wasn’t until late that North put a gap on them plus ball is going to be dewy


Gold Coast usually have 1 good quarter in them, then they give up.
We’ll need to get off to a fast start to break them early and ensure they can’t get back in the match.
Us by 6 goals.


I like the Hurley-fwd-Francis-back idea, but don’t think its going to happen.

More likely, if GC backline is as weak as perceived, they’ll bring Stewart back in to get some confidence.


Hmmmmm…we may need the screw ins…


Sweet I like him!


Like against the Eagles would be great


Not keen on Hurley forward as i think next year we would want all three of Hooker, Hurley and Francis to be in the backline…

I’d rather move Goddard around as he isnt likely to be in the long term plans


That’s nice but doesn’t Francis want to go back to Adelaide?


When his career is over maybe.


Geez, you’re being harsh on Brown and MCNernan, both have shown a bit playing in the forward line and in a tough game with an injured Stringer, no Raz and down a rotation on the bench, they preformed well. I’ll back them in to do the job next week if the midfield does theirs.




Problem is - apart from the fact most of the career B graders are our form players - if you drop them out, we’d only have about 21 guys fit.




they’re gonna pull a win from out of their ■■■■ aren’t they?


For anyone new to blitz, that is a bit confused by the whole ‘Essington’ thing. This match has ‘Prime Essington’ written all over it.


Oh geez, wait until IT sees this