Pre-Match vs Gold Coast (MS) - Team Talk/Selections/Thoughts


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Yeah, we have had what, 7 weeks with no real Essington performances. We are overdue a vinatge Essington game.

Edit: If we can get to the end of the season sans an Essington game, I will genuinely start believing we have turned a corner. Irrespective of finals.


Yep what ever ■■■■ house skills that they displayed the previous 10 weeks will suddenly disapear,the lack off effort and intent that was missing would also come out of no where


As long as Hooker stays back, I’m happy. Interesting stats based on best one on one defenders. This has Hooker ahead of Rance (and blicavs but let’s just ignore that)


HTFU, Blitz.


This is why Saad, McKenna etc; have been more prominent since Hooker has moved back. If 80% of the time you know the ball will either hit the deck going your way, or you will get it back, becomes so much easier to position to run off and rebound.

It is also why I’m still a huge advocate for getting Hartley back in the seniors. He doesn’t need to mark, he is an elite spoiler. Tell him to thump the ball to space, and back ourselves to win the resultant foot race.


Hopefully Francis is picked and is picked to play in defence.

Really need to make a statement and flog these guys, we really struggled against them last year (mainly due to poor kicking), come out and bury them

Would be great to win the next 3 matches at least, beat 2 teams we should plus another team above us. Hopefully Ridley gets a few more games into him and redman can come back for the last 3 or so matches. Need to just play these guys who continually show form in the 2s and let it help build some depth.

We really need to get to the stage where we are not losing our ■■■■ because the coach dropped Dea.


Oh yeah (probably been mentioned), home coming for Saad. He will tear it up big time!


CJohns dropping bombs in Francis thread

Last week blitz lost the plot over Dea not being picked.

What will same people going to do this week if Dea is selected but ahead of Francis?




‪Yep you read it right ‬

‪INS – Fantasia, Parish, Dea‬
‪OUTS – Long, Stringer, Ambrose ‬


Queue meltdown in 5, 4, 3, 2…


Happy with that


I just looked at the preview on the official site and realised yet again why I only look at it when there’s no alternative.

First it said “narrow loss to Collingwood”. I was there. We were ■■■■■■ over by Collingwood for the whole of the last quarter.

Then it said we were “one of the form teams”. We lost our last game.

And then we should have “no worries” about beating Gold Coast. No surer recipe for defeat exists than having no worries about the opposition.

Okay, let’s be optimistic. But be optimistic in the real world.


I would’ve kept Long in personally.


Hurley playing tallllllll. Don’t like it.

Unless Brown is being switched? And that EFC tweet was inferring Hurls fwd so perhaps.

Harsh on Long, Colyer very lucky (being played as possible Gaff trade steak knives though)


Colyer you lucky son of a ■■■■■


Probably deserves more than two weeks of football, given what we know about his potential output. Probably has another two-three weeks before the pressure comes on him.


It was a narrow loss.

Yes we lost our last game, but we are absolutely one of the form teams.

And we should have no worries beating Gold Coast. We are a much better side in better form.


What EFC tweet?