Pre-Match vs Gold Coast (MS) - Team Talk/Selections/Thoughts


He said Francis was being kept out by Hurley and Goddard


No disrespect to Goddard, i think he has been a great clubman for us but he is struggling to see out a full game. Wouldn’t hurt to rest him and see what francis can do - assuming they plan to bring Dea in for Ambrose.


Just replacements for injuries.

Out: Ambrose, Myers and Stringer
In: FRANCIS, Clarke and Parish

Colyer goes to the forward pocket, giving us significant pace up forward.

Be hard to not to bring in Parish after getting leather poisoning in the VFL and Francis is the ideal replacement for Ambrose, given the height up forward for the Gold Coast in Lynch and Wright.

Still think it will be a 10 goal plus win.


To little to late.


Of course May has just been fined - want to make sure he’s free to play against Essendon :roll_eyes:


no surprise there


Jeez you lot give up so easily.

It’s difficult but not impossible to make finals.

Who would have expected us to be 5-2 in the 7 game period after the Carlton game? No one.

We lost to the top side and the 2nd top side (mainly due to injuries to multiple players).

Keep playing the best possible team that gives us best chance of winning.

If we get to Port & Rich needing to win both I’d back us to knock Port over and then who knows what happens in final round.

OUT: Ambrose (inj), Myers (inj), Colyer
IN: Francis, Parish, Fantasia

Also Dea back only if GC match ups work and McNeice out. Not sure what their setup is though.

If we bring anywhere near the same defensive game that had Pies battling to score including a goalless quarter we will pump GC by plenty.


I suspect we’ll get the job done, but you can’t help fear all week that this has Essington fark up written all over it


Wouldn’t surprise if we won by 50 points with a 14-27 free discrepancy.


We pump GC and Freo and we’re back in business.

The Collingwood loss means we just need to scrap a win against either Richmond or Port. I actually think if Port solidify their spot on the ladder before that game, they’d rest some players too.


Expectations are such a big thing. I often think about faithful Bulldogs or Saints supporters who waited generations for success. Would they have done so if they’d known it would take decades and decades? The supporters that really inspire are those that through thin and then more thin keep rolling up, keep supporting, keep hanging tough.

I’m extremely fortunate to have seen 4 flags. They were great! Equally great though are the characters, the champions that we follow through the journey. The journey is the thing, and success, ultimate success is a rare bonus.

2018 is probably going to fail expectations, but next year I hope (important concept) to see Raz, leaping Joe, the smile on Zaharakis’ face, Devon pulverising tackles, and Francis getting to the starting line of hopefully a great career.

Hang in their guys and gals and enjoy the journey.


I expected us to be sitting comfortably in the top 8/pushing top 4 by now but instead we wasted the first 8 weeks off the season and are now paying for it left our run too late.


Yep. A mates grandmother was around for both the Bulldogs premierships, and a paid up member every year inbetween. The thing is (and it might sound crazy), she actually likes going to the footy.


I remember in the eighties my mother, a mad saints fan, would say “Well at least we won something” every year they won a wooden spoon. I never remember her getting upset but her loyalty never waivered. She died in 2006 so at least she got to see a couple of finals.


Let’s be brutally honest. If we turn up with the same mindset as we have the last 6 weeks we should smash them by 10+ goals.

We will smash them, i just hope we do it while playing some kids


Expectations are all well and good but that’s all they are. And often don’t match with reality.

We had all kinds of issues early in season with inbedding new game plan/coaching group, have key personnel out injured/playing injured, having players learning new roles, new players in learning about each other, trying to find the right combinations of players etc.

Most top sides have had their core group playing together for years, and their game plans in particular defensive structures learnt over a number of years. We haven’t even had one.

Frustrating for all it took so long for it all to click but it is what it is. But it has clicked now.

Just because we had a poor first half of year doesn’t mean should throw the towel in now when we are up against it. Fight it to the end.


If we play finals, it’ll only be only by JUST qualifying … and we know how that goes


Myers should stay out along with bags and BJ. Time to look to the future


Frustrating that a horrific loss to lose to Carlton and the sacking of Mark Neeld is what the club needed to click into gear why couldn’t the team play like this from the start ? the team and coaching staff had 6 months to work on game plans,getting players right etc no excusess.

The signs of us having a bad year was when we got flogged by Richmond in the JLT


Again your expectations only.

Ross Lyon who is a very good coach tried to implement a new game plan to a team and they bombed in the first half of the season.

Unfortunately it’s not as simple as let’s do this over preseason and it then works come season proper. Even more so when the person responsible for it and teaching it is Neeld. And even more so when a lot of your side hasn’t played together / others playing new roles.