Pre-Match vs Gold Coast (MS) - Team Talk/Selections/Thoughts


We could have done that after the Carlton game, but we didn’t, and I’m glad we didn’t.


Worked for Richmond they changed thier fortunes in one pre season I don’t by that crap that Richmond have been building for years Essendon have been building for just as long the diffrence is Richmond had enough of being losers.


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If fit Mutch, Redman, Ridley, Guelfi, Francis, Draper, should be given time in the AFL.


Disagree. In both 2017 and 2014 we made finals on the back of pretty average form but with solid starts to the year.

If we make it this year, we’ll do some damage



The basis of a very strong and experienced side was already there. Richmond had made finals 2yrs in a row. Then just missed out. Then went the whole way together.

In the year they missed out it was determined that they didn’t pressure/tackle enough, missing out got them to buy into doing that & they also drafted / traded accordingly.

But I also didn’t see them running 18/19/20yr olds through their core midfield group last year, or project inside mids. It was a very experienced unit led by Cotchin and Dusty who had a phenomenal season.

Our midfield setup with kids in there, what was being trialled with Stringer early in season and the hole left by Jobe extremely different.

Take a look at the reality of the situation and perhaps won’t get so beat down by your hyped up expectations being popped.


What were your expectations pre season? did the club not say they want to be top 4?


Oh dear, Boris


We’ll win by 10 plus goals.

We’ve played very exciting football for close to 2 months now. We’ve played well on the road, and in the cold winter months we’re weve been ■■■■ for years.

We lost because we were down on rotations, got reamed by the umps and have 3 of our most important players out.

We’ve turned a corner. We’ll continue to play with heart. Yesterday hurt, I was there was always in the freezing cold, but we played with heart. We just didn’t have the legs


Every team would aim for top4 & sell hope.

I had hoped we’d make finals based on doing so previous year, our high scoring fwd line and the SSS. But as per many of us wasn’t really sure how team would cope without Jobe or any top quality big bodied inside mid support.

Stringer was being touted as it but it was wait and see. It didnt work, yet. Plus there was a lot that went wrong early season for us. So have needed to reign in expectations.

I actually dont care if we don’t make finals because the way the team is playing over last 7wks it’s clear we are on the right track now for the future. But that shouldn’t mean we aren’t doing everything possible to try and get there.

Anyway back to GC game.

Let’s pump them, Reimers 8 goals style!


I think Colyer ( who had a pretty horrid game) should get another run, and Long definitely should stay in.
Francis in for Ambrose, there will be so few people there (main us) he will feel like its a VFL game
And probably Stewart in for Stringer, Im not a huge Stewart fan, he’s had some good moments this year, but more bad ones. He drops off pretty bad, and tries for cheap ones out the back. If stringer out, He will probably get a run based on the fact he has more senior experience and is good value when at his best
If Razz has to come in , for someone, then I would prefer over Colyer , Not Long


Long’s game was far superior to Colyer’s and absolutely should stay in if Raz is fit (hope so).


17disposals - 15 effective. 5 tackles. 5 marks.


9 disposals - 7 effective. 1 tackle. 1 mark.

Trav was our worst on ground by plenty. And rated stats wise the same as Ambrose!


100 point win and everyone will be back on our train again.


Injury report says Stringer will be out for four weeks.


If we win every game we play for the rest of the year we are Premiers baby!

Long stays - the heat will suit him.
Parish in for Colyer.
Francis in - either rest Goddard or move him into mids for his experience if Myers is injured.
Mutch in for Stringer if injured - Brown and Smack will be enough talls.


Stewart should come in for him. That sucks for Jake as before this weekend he was starting to really hit some form


That’s not what he said. He said he’s nowhere near the level they think he can get to. That’s a very different thing


No excuse for no Francis now that Ambrose and Stringer are out. We’re running out of players.


Dea will come back in.


I’m not really sure what to expect with the changes now.

Obviously Ambrose and Stringer are out.

You could make a case that each of Goddard, Myers and Guelfi need a rest (or in Myers case, might have a niggle), but clearly they’re not going to rest them all and may not rest any of them.

Then all of Colyer, McNeice and Long would be on thin ice. I doubt they’ll drop Colyer and personally I’d give McNeice and Long at least 2 more weeks each as a last chance (If they show nothing against 2 shit teams, that’s it for them for good).

So at a guess I reckon I reckon we’ll end up with 3 outs. The 2 injuries, plus I just suspect one of Goddard/Myers/Guelfi will have a spell.

No idea on the ins. Hopefully Fanta is ready, but I expect he won’t be.