Pre-Match vs Gold Coast (MS) - Team Talk/Selections/Thoughts


Damn it. Not Stringer too!

Francis could play at either end really now.


It’s ■■■■■■ annoying that Laverde got that latest hammy. If he’d had 3 or 4 VFL games since getting dropped it would have been the perfect opportunity for him to come in for Stringer. I don’t rate Laverde but I really wanted him to have 3 or 4 weeks of building form and fitness after being dropped, then have another 3 or 4 week crack at AFL level to see if he could show something.


I’d prefer McNeice to be replaced by Ridley. And Ambrose replaced by Dea. From Woosha’s comments, Francis won’t be coming in.

Maybe Parish for Myers? Like you said, hopefully Fantasia is ready. If not, I’m guessing Stewart for Stringer?


I can’t see them dropping McNeice after 1 week, unless they’ve already made up their mind about delisting him (which is possible I guess).
I’d be surprised if they bring Stewart in for Stringer. Stewart’s learning to play more as a genuine KPP. So that would stuff with our balance.
We already had problems with not enough mid rotations on the weekend, so it wouldn’t surprise me if Parish comes in for Stringer and Myers stays in (assuming Fanta doesn’t come up.

I wouldn’t be shocked if we end up with just:

Out: Ambrose and Stringer
In: Dea and Parish.

Not necessarily what I want, just wouldn’t surprise me if that’s what they do.


Hamstring and calf injuries killing us this year. Calf injuries have exploded across the AFL this year. I’d love to know why? I wonder if it is a workload thing. Of course the AFL are always very coy when it comes to injury stats, but I know they track them in detail. I would love to know the % increase this year.

Reckon we see Dea come in for Ambrose, and perhaps Long makes way for Parish (39 touches in VFL), although if Myers doesn’t get up, think Long and Parish would both be in the side. And up forward, I’m not sure they’ll go with a tall to replace Stringer, and just stick with Smack and Brown, with hopefully Raz as the “replacement” for Stringer. TBC might be asked to go forward more. Stewart has not done enough at VFL of late IMO to come in.

(Still can’t believe May got off after that massive punch to Higgins. That wasn’t a little short jab a la TBC on NicNat - that was a huge round arm into the guts. Guess the AFL are trying as hard as it can to protect its baby)


Walters copped a week for almost identical punch earlier in year. Graded as medium impact for that. May only had low impact for his.

Belly did something similar however and got a fine but was an open hand I think over a punch.


No way can I see this. Suns will stay within reach for a quarter and half. Then we’ll scoot away to a 35-40 pt lead during the third, with everyone thinking - percentage booster coming up, only to give the Suns a sniff with 2 or 3 late 3Q goals. Margin at 3QT about 18-20pts before we splutter back out to a rather lame 30-35 pt win.

We simply don’t bury sides. (Yet if we are to have ANY chance at finals (by miraculously winning another 6 games and hope Norf drop one they shouldn’t, we need all the % we can get - won’t happen though)


I’ll be interested to hear the update on Zaharakis in this week’s injury update. This saturday will be 6 weeks since his injury. Hopefully he’s ready to play next week and gets a VFL game and then comes in for the Swans game. He should have got plenty of running in, so should only need a week in the magoos to regain touch.


Out: Ambrose (inj), Stringer (inj), Myers (inj), Colyer, McNeice
In: Francis, Stewart, Parish, Fantasia, Dea

B: Francis Hurley Saad
HB: McKenna Hooker Dea
C: McGrath Heppell Goddard
HF: Smith Stewart Fantasia
F: Tippa McKernan Brown
R: Bellchambers Langford Zerrett

I/C: Parish Guelfi Baguley Long


GC fwd line last week. And Aaron Young also involved as that medium type.


Crossley is however 198cm / 102kg … and Wright is well… 2metres. We might need another taller kpd as I don’t think Hurls is going to be able to play 2nd main kpd, he does not do well on taller guys with reach.

Francis hasn’t been playing that role either on the big guys, Harts & Zerk have. Harts might get a call up, the return of the fisttttt!

Big red to play fwd for Stringer & kick 10.


Out: Ambrose, Stringer, Myers, Colyer, McNeice, Long, Goddard
In: Francis, Clarke, Parish, Fantasia, Hartley, Ridley, Mutch

B: Francis Hurley Saad
HB: McKenna Hooker Ridley
C: McGrath Heppell Guelfi
HF: Smith McKernan Fantasia
F: Tippa Hartley Brown
R: Bellchambers Langford Zerret

I/C: Parish Mutch Baguley Clarke

probably too tall down back now i look at it and really should be Stewart instead of Harts but i like the bloke.


out: Ambrose, Stringer, Myers, Colyer
In: Francis (not happening), Stewart (soley as last man standing), Ridley, Fantasia


Zaka won’t play VFL




edit: redacted


So ambo gone for the season , string out for 4 huh

■■■■ if true


Play Long and McNeice the next 2 games at least.
We need to make a call on both by seasons end, so have a look at them at AFL level.

They both looked okay yesterday, particularly Long.


Injuries mounting but season is gone… so I’d be sending any guys with niggles for scans now… book in surgeries… blood every single younger player on the list - see how they handle the heat.

Put all energy into starting preseason with a fit list. Meaningless to do anything else right now. I want to take a look at everybody and really see what depth we do/don’t have.


That would make sense. We don’t do that though. Prefer to put them in for surgery around Feb March…


The ■■■■ thing is that because we can still mathematically make it, the club will be trying to make it. By playing the likes of Myers and Colyer…