Pre-Match vs Gold Coast (MS) - Team Talk/Selections/Thoughts


I know that is what we will do… and hence why we are pretty much the worst club of the comp for the last 20 years. So so so so stupid.

“mathematically” a chance to perhaps, if every single thing goes our way, to scrape into 8th spot… to be duly dispatched in the first round in a humiliating loss… meanwhile we have no draft equity, players missing half of preseason to go and get surgeries done and we hold on to list cloggers again and again because they might turn into something.

It really is like watching a rerun every single farking season. Just keep hoping we will do something different… there is still hope!


He’s had a long layoff. Raz did


Hey memberships don’t sell themselves you know


Is WOB flying in for the game?


Too soon.


Changes? For mine, no.


Blitz loses the plot claiming we always fold in games and then blitz then wants the club to fold & tank for draft pick position.

Fark that.

Woosh said we are planning to try to win every game as they should

Potential incoming class players want to see a side that even if we don’t make finals are clearly an improving side capable of knocking off top 8 teams.

Develop the winning culture and mindset.

If we made finals with the type of football we have been playing we could knock off Dees, Syd or Cats. The call of “oh we will just be humiliated if we make it so why bother” is weak as ■■■■.


We’ve won a flag in the last 20 years. So your last sentence is pretty accurate.


Actually plays a very similar role in the Twos- apart from being a much better mark.
Floats across filling defensive spaces, and relying on his reading of the play, and, more so, is used as a key distributor to sit up attacks.
Ridley is a good kick, but Francis is the one who spots and tries to execute the aggressive kick that opens the game up.

Given BJ’s legs are looking slower than treacle at this time of the season, absolutely nothing to lose by resting BJ and giving Francis a run.
I’m also worried his good Twos form will taper off unless rewarded.


when life gives you lemmens…

you play them on the half forward flank.


Mate, you can only develop a winning culture during the preseason. Everyone knows that.


Francis for Ambrose

Dea back in for McNeice

Clark for Myers

Stewart for Stringer

I don’t think we want more that 4 changes unless Fantasia comes up for Colyer.


Crossley to kick six, twirling his fingers for the fifth and the ends of his moustache for the sixth.


It allows people to be miserable if we win or if we lose.


I’d say 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 were very different years.


Given our “injury crisis”, and to appease the”Play the kids” lobby, is it too late to ask the AFL if we can access the James Hird Academy kids early?

We could play one of Alwyn Davey’s boys at CHF.
Preferably the shorter one.


Surely we bring Parish in


In: Parish Francis Dea Green
Out: Myers(inj) Ambrose McNeice Stringer

OK May as well rest fantasia if he is sore.

Think Bringing Green in may help our goal scoring ability.
If laverde was fit would like him replacing Stringer.

But would also probably rather play ridley for development over Green - Can Ridley play Midfield and Forward? I remember Dodoro sugesting he could end up as a mid.

Send Hooker Forward at certain stages. Maybe give Francis some more responsiblity.
Or Switch Hooker and Brown if Brown stuggling. But was thinking maybe when McKernan is in the ruck.


Francis for Ambrose
Mynott for Myers
Stewart for Stringer
Dea for McNiece

Parish waits another week in the 2’s
Colyer gets a rocket
Long gets another 2 or 3 games


Francis IN for Goddard (managed)
Dea IN for Ambrose (inj)
Parish IN for Colyer (omitted)
Stewart IN for Stringer (inj)

If Myers doesn’t come up with that knock to the calf, then it’s Clarke IN