Pre-Match vs Gold Coast (MS) - Team Talk/Selections/Thoughts


Mynott for Myers? So he’s jumping over Parish, Clarke and Mutch based on one game?

Stewart for Stringer i don’t want. A midfielder should replace Stringer.


I want to see what he brings. We know about the others. I like what I’ve seen of Mynott - and it isn’t ‘one game’ lol.


Goddard forward/mid to replace Stringer.
Franga in to replace Goddard.
Dea in to replace Ambrose.
Parish in to replace Myers.
With 3-4 injuries needing forced changes, Woosha won’t be dropping anyone.
With that said, out Langford.


Out x2 injured blokes

In Frang & Clarke (go the small fwd line)


How good is our depth at the moment.
We have 9 out injured this week (assuming Fanta still out).
And still we have Francis, Stewart, Parish, Clark, Ridley, Green, Dea and possibly Mutch to pick from.
That is 37 players,
(Still leaving out Hartley and Luenberger)
The worst aspect is that playing all our depth will cruel the VFL team’s chance of a decent run at a flag.
Nonetheless only Jackson Merrett, Zork-Thatcher, Houlihan, Mynott Draper and Newlav are not in the frame for (earned) selection.


If we lose to that forward line…

Serious, serious questions will need to be asked.


We held Collingwood goalless for a quarter and to their lowest overall score in yonks a man down and with 2 others on one leg.

We are not losing to GC. We will pump them.

That 27 - 6 Q3 inside 50 count vs Lions where we didn’t capitalise, I can see us fixing and belting them not just in one but over 4 quarters.

Kind of want to see Francis in for Stringer but Jimmy Stewart is still unsigned IIRC so might need some love, and he’s been playing permanent fwd in the 2’s so would expect to be next in.


Early in the week presser…

Raz unknown (I reckon they will err on side of caution with him). Myers should be ok.

Parish and Francis putting hands up. And Dea.


It’s not that hot in July on the Gold coast.


Gleeson won’t run too well in a moon boot


Will play better than certain others despite being in a moon boot.


What’s the worst possible first round pick we can get, without qualifying for finals?

We will have that one. Thanks


No tanking.
Play the season right to the end trying to win every game right to the death.
Because you dont just taper off effort at the end of a season,and suddenly turn it back on over the next preseason.
I want players to hurt bad when we lose thats the thing to drive them all over the break,and we see a harder,more resilent 2019 team as a result.


Totally agree. What sort of culture does “playing for draft picks” create? The mindset should always be “win!”. I hope they finish the season as well as tney can and come together in October feeling good about themselves. Our form
would suggest that another 4 wins is not out of the question as long as don’t get too many more injuries.


IN: Hartley, Parish, BIG RED, Dea
OUT: Stringer, Myers, Goddard (rest), McNeice

Hooker plays forward. CLUNKS all night.



Is Hartley a good match-up for Hipwood?
I dunno…I’d like to see games put into players we expect to play a big part in next year, now.
There’s no need to go silly, but still.


Playing GC Wim not Bris!

Wright 2.03m & Crossley 198cm are their two kpf’s. Both are big solid lads.

In future years I could def see Zerk being a good matchup for Hipwood when do play Lions though


Hipwood is the exact type of player that Hartley struggles on.

Short, sharp leads and athletic.

Would kick a bag on him.


What a goose I am!
I was thinking of Zerk too, of course.


I think Hipwood’s going to kick a bag on a lot of good backs.
Talented boy, just needs more of a tank and to lose the last of his adolescent unco-ness.
His time is coming.

But not a problem for us this week. Silly ol’ wim.