Pre-season training 2019-12-05 Thursday

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Nice enough day for it – sun in, sun out, stiff breeze from the West. Lots of construction being carried out at The Hanger – the car park taken over by tradie utes. A few onlookers about.

Shout-out to Trent Zammit, one of the runners out there being kept fit and busy chasing balls.

Warm up began around 0900, with Mozzie & Ambo heading straight to Oval 2, later joined by Fanta, Shiel, Cutler, Zaka & Drapes. Fanta was running well, and I overheard him telling Rutten later on “hey – I’m absolutely humming’. Zaka was in great spirits, though Cutler looks the surly type. Cutler later performed many timed half-laps.

I did not see Joey, Hooker or Merret.

Hepp was out there, though mainly doing some ‘touch’ drills with a ball, and then later lots of cycling. He walked around without boots towards the end, but looked good.

Francis looks a lot shorter since Phillips came on board. Stringer is looking slimmer and fitter than he has in any previous pre-season training I’ve seen, though he still runs like a chook.

BZerk was looking very agile and fit, and featured prominently in most drills. Hibberd is an absolute unit – but the unitest unit of all units has to be Draper. The boy is a mountain.

Among the following drills was a ‘forward press’ simulation using quick hand or foot passes and playing on whenever possible. Mutch was very good at this, and the entire group trained with vigour and intent. Hurley was as an on-field coach, constantly instructing.

In a repeated sprint exercise, Pidge, Ham, Mutch and Snelling excelled.

I noticed that Mozzie had both thumbs strapped. He later joined others on Oval 2. At the gate, he attempted a snap at goal from the boundary, missing. Gleeson grabbed a ball and said ‘let me show you how to do it’, snapping it through the main ones with ease.

In an aggressive contested marking drill, Snelling and Walla broke even. Smack, Gown, Jayden and Stringer also took part in these one-on-ones, with dominance in that order. Smack was rarely beaten, and also gave a lot of instruction to the others.

Match sim was run by Caracella, though both Whoosha and Rutten were present. Parish stood out in match sim - aggressive, quick, decisive. I expect big things from him next year.

Something new and interesting: both Smack and Smith were recorded taking set shots from front and side, kicking from straight on at 50m, and 45d 30m. I imagine this will be analysed later, and that others will do the same at some point.


Thanks .Was like I was there.


Who is Carter?

Thanks for the report. Who is this Carter you speak of? Cutler?

lol - edited - Cutler.


“Unitest unit of all units”…love it.

Great report Deck.


Yay. Finally a bit of rigour and science around goal goal kicking practice.


The man the authorities came to blame.


Me too. Four seasons under his belt and he’ll be getting close to 100 games by the end of 2020. Cracked his first top 10 in the Crichton this year finishing 8th. Progressing ok, but now has to really step up to that next level or two.

and thanks for the report - nice to get your training thoughts again


Highlight of the report for me.

Club needs to step up the passive aggression off field with recruitment of more Deckham-type operators.


Well there’s CHF and FF sorted.


Oh man, this is good news.


Sorry to be a pedant, but do you mean surly? Because that has quite a different, and most welcome, meaning.

If Smith can kick a 50m set shot now, that surgery was nothing short of a miracle.


Yes, yes I do.
I will endaevour to check my spellcxhecker more rigourously in the futur.


Ha! Al Gud.

I do appreciate the efforts put into these training reports, so thanks.

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awesome. Cutler is my new fave.

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Darcy got a couple of Brownlow votes this year. he is ahead of Pidge on that score.

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Well if parish ever is given a full yr in the middle he will Excell


He has great hands. Slick as. We had some handball training by Greg Williams somewhere along the track, and seems like he soaked it up.